Tuesday, April 22

the inevitable spin of Spring


There's a reason I don't teach or take classes during Squam . . it's because I am an all or nothing kind of personality. I don't have any access to the 'moderation' dial when it comes to things I put my heart into. 

If my focus is on something I am passionate about-- it gets all of me. (Of course, for all you mathematicians out there-- the opposite is equally true, ahem).

This is becoming more and more apparent to me this Spring.


Like most things, it is both a curse and a blessing.  Right now, I am trying to simply be with it.  Be with my own best counsel as I have been here so many times before.

Spring-- you get me every. single. time. *shaking fist at the sky*

This year, I thought I had outsmarted this season that inevitably swings me around and dumps me on my head. Ha.  Just another example of my ludicrous illusion of control.

It's the abundance that overwhelms me in this season.


So much to take in.  SO much stimulation on every front-- visual, scent, sound--- it makes me want to pull a total Eckhart Tolle and just sit on a park bench for 3 months and do nothing but be in it, observe it -- but of course, life has demands, obligations, commitments and you know-- dogs.

Must you share? Can we have no privacy? (Sorry, kid)

DAISY:  oh sure, blame your overloaded head on us.
We, the zen creatures who are only ever in the present moment.
Go ahead-- we can handle it.  We'll just drop more deeply
into our happy place while you create a story about how busy you are.
Knock yourself out, you crazy human.

Ahhh, thanks for the reality check, Daisy-- am feeling better already.

bisous, e

Thursday, April 17

a most excellent diagnosis


Let's not hold our breath, shall we-- but, in the ever unchanging saga of healing that small intestine/spleen issue that has been dogging me for lo, these four years--- we have got a new trend happening-- one that might mean at some point in the future I could be a normal human being again.

Of course, by new trend I mean one of those two steps forward, one step back life cha-chas where I am starting to feel incrementally better and it's due to a weekly visit to a most splendid acupuncturist. Miraculous, really.

I found her thanks to a referral from a guy at the dog park-- yes!  My entire world begins and ends at the dog park, or so it could appear.  Anyway--- I just had a session with her tonight and she was talking while peppering my bod with those steel pins and I said something (which I don't remember) and she replied (which I am going to do my damnedest to never forget) "that's because you are so finely calibrated."



Do you have any idea how much I love that description?  I have been called many things in this lifetime including, but not limited to: intense, dramatic, highly charged, mercurial, high-strung and a 'constitution like a butterfly'--- but never, never-- has anyone said that I am finely calibrated.

You think I am kidding but I think that would be a mighty fine line for a tombstone.

Here lies Elizabeth
sure she could be a royal pain in the ass
but hell if she wasn't finely calibrated

So-- there's an update for you.  Acupuncture.  New personal description. What else is going on in my life that has been preventing me from chatting with you more frequently over the garden fence while we hang laundry?

Well, for one-- I am teaching.  And, given that I am finely calibrated <---! this means the little bit of extra energy I would normally have to share thoughts and reflections here with you is not available to me.

For two, -- um, no.  I think that's it.  I think once the class wraps up-- I will be back here in a more normal way.

Things I am into right now (besides my lifelong quest to reach enlightenment, obvs):

paintOh, and as a result of one of the class discussions -- the weekend before last I did a massive make-over in my apartment and switched bedrooms.

Where I now sleep was formerly the guest room and vice versa.  I absolutely love the change-- the colors and layout are entirely different.

I painted one wall this fabulous deep almost black marine blue-- wait, I can show you. (don't you love technology)


It's Benjamin Moore, Evening Sky and I freaking LOVE it. My niece Lauren who is a natural born interior decorator and works at West Elm coached me from afar and we went for a boho moroccan feel that is still all me, so yes -- lots of white and a variation on twinkle lights .. . I'm still working on it. There's gonna be a new rug and and night table one of these fine days, but I'm not in any crazy rush. Such a small change in so many ways.

And yet, it has made a huge change in my life, though-- who knew?

The light through those windows is totally different and that is rocking my world as we head into the season of longer days.

Of course the BIGGEST change (and what kind of promoted it all) is that the dogs are no longer allowed on my bed.  I know, right?  Sacrilege.  Alas, it was time.  In fact, I earned my platinum Pollyanna card two weeks ago today at about 3:15 am when without the slightest warning (and I emphasize that because I am very sensitive, indeed some would say finely calibrated, and will always wake up if they need to go out in the middle of the night) Oliver came up to me and vomited directly on the pillow where my face was in restful slumber.

And by vomit-- I mean everywhere and all the way down to the mattress.  Oh, and the only paper towels in the house were on a to-do list that said "buy paper towels."  Yeah.

But here's why my Pollyanna platinum card arrived the next day:  in the very moment I was cleaning up that mess and washing sheets in the tub etc, etc-- my mind was light and clear: no more dogs in the bed.  And?  Let's change it up and move to another room-- so you see?

Lemonade for everyone!  (Well, except for the dogs who are not so very happy with the new sleeping situation-- but they have a beautiful and comfortable sleep situation-- it's just not with me).


DAISY: Completely unfair. I should not be penalized for the actions of that old dog.
ME:  Sorry kid.  House rules and all that.  One law for all dogs.


bisous, e

Tuesday, April 15

roll back that rock!

I am off to Vancouver Island! (And I am bringing you with me )Oh, yes. You brought the magic for sure

Yes! The season of resurrection is upon us, yea verily.

No surprise then that yours truly -- she of the 40+ days and 40+ nights of absence -- has been beckoned into the light of Spring by a sweet friend who has lured her from the depths of the cave with compliments and questions.

Compliments and questions, you may ask-- THAT is what got you back on the page?

Um, yeah-- kinda sorta.

Sometimes you just need an unexpected jump start to get the engine going -- so, yesterday, when an email from Asya dropped across the screen, I knew I had just the thing to get me reconnected with you all.

Asya wrote, "There is this thing going around the blog world called the Liebster Award, it’s a bit silly, but kind of nice too. You probably have already gotten it. :-) well I am sending it to you again, because I love your writing."

See? Compliments and questions! Works every time.

Off we go then-- below are the questions Asya posed to me.

What is your morning routine? 

All joking about Jesus Christ aside, I am rather religious about my sacred mornings.

I wrote about them here when they were still in their fledgling state. Today, it's kind of rote. Good rote. Well, good if you like routine, mind-numbingly boring if you don't.

Oh YES. The windows are open. A new season on the journey begins.

Early rise--- sometimes 5 am, sometimes 6 am-- generally depends on the dogs or my mood or some combination of the two.

Take the dogs outside. I check the sky. They get reacquainted with the shrubbery.

Daisy does this thing that I utterly adore: she rolls on her back in ecstasy-- as if to greet Mother Earth. It doesn't matter what is on the ground--snow, rain, leaves-- it doesn't matter where we are-- she will find a bit of dirt and do her ceremonial morning greeting. 365 days of the year she does this and it thrills me every time. It is my moment of zen.

We come in. I make tea or coffee depending on how 'awake' I already am.

I light some candles, burn some sage-- put on music and settle in for an hour or two of reading and scribbling. At about 8:30 ish -- we go out for a big walk.

There goes Ollie chasing waves

Beach, river, neighborhood, park-- I like to change it up- but it's about an hour. 9:30 or 10 ish-- we are back for breakfast. I check phone and emails. The dogs snooze.

Home and sleepy after a big morning!

10:30 we head to the office which is less than a mile from where I live. So a nice walk or easy drive. Squam stuff. And then? LUNCH ! boo-YAH.

The best way to spend a grey rainy day is...? 

I love to walk in the rain if it's not a driving rain into my face.

I also love reading. Or taking a hot bath.
Anything cozy if it is a winter rain -- anything restful if it is a summer rain.

How do you break yourself free from a creative block?

Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't get creative blocks. I don't create professionally (i.e. for $$) so there's never any pressure on me to write or paint or photograph. Maybe it would be different if I were creating to please a client--- I'm sure it would be, but that's not my scene -- so creativity is kind of a constant. What I do with it can vary, but I'm always doing something.

One of the best lessons you've learned about blogging is.... 

People are kind and generous. SO fucking kind. SO fucking generous. (exclamation point).

If you could spend a day walking in someone else's shoes, whose would they be and why? 

Ew. No. No, thank you. I would not enjoy that.

Describe your creative/blogging space? 

Um, wherever I am. Right now, I mostly write where my laptop lives which is either at the table in my living room or here at the office (I am writing to you in this moment from the office).

What was your most memorable trip?

This is a very tough question. I have had some amazing trips. And some trips that were quite awful, but you know, memorable-- ha!

I think one trip that gave me insight into a whole nother world was when I lived in Paris and went with a friend to her home in Cypress for 2+ weeks. She lived in Limassol and we traveled up to Lefkara, this ancient walled city that blew my mind.

Those were some sweet long, magical days-- we tooled around on mopeds and ate the most amazing food.  Every afternoon we'd go to one of her cousins on "visitings"- which is something they do. Every night we'd go to discotheques (we were 19 after all) and things were pretty damn, wild and free.

Which book has moved you in the past year?

I am a terrible, awful, reprehensible reader. I read a lot and rarely like any of it. And, when I don't like a book -- I tend to throw it across the room in frustration/annoyance-- at whatever point I don't like it. Needless to say, many a book I begin, I never finish. Since you didn't ask me which book I liked, I can answer your question that the book that traveled the greatest distance at the highest velocity was Elizabeth Gilbert's The Signature of All Things.

I worship Elizabeth Gilbert as a person-- she seems utterly cool, kind, traveling on the good red road. As a writer, she is a rockstar. I am a freak for all things botanical -- the second-half of my life is going to be dedicated to gardens and herbs. Oh, and I grew up outside Philadelphia. . . . So you would think this would be a match made in heaven.

You would think. I hurled it. Am thinking that counts as being moved, n'est-ce pas?


When/where do your creative ideas come to you most?

Bath tub.
Daydreaming on the sofa.
Walking the dogs.

One crafty tool / design tip / creative strategy you couldn't do without is...

Crafty tool: matte medium
Design tip: paint one wall of the room a different color (particularly a bold color)
Creative strategy: never turn your computer/internet/phone on until you have had sacred time in the morning.

Thanks for hauling my ass out of the cave, Asya!!! Let's catch up soon!

bisous, e

Wednesday, March 5

so comes love


let it go - the
smashed word broken
open vow or
the oath cracked length
wise - let it go it
was sworn to

let them go - the
truthful liars and
the false fair friends
and the boths and
neithers - you must let them go they
were born
            to go

let all go - the
big small middling
tall bigger really
the biggest and all
things - let all go
         so comes love

- e.e. cummings

I am deep in the mystical, magical, woo-woo woods of Vancouver Island.  Better than half way up the eastern side, I am tucked into the sweetest cottage in the Comax Valley with every kind of moss to sink my bare feet into.

This cottage is a perfect paradise with fully equipped kitchen, fireplace inside, fire pit outside and decks all around that give into the expansive gardens where hives of honey bees are carefully nurtured.  There are all sorts of chickens, ducks, towering trees and a dog named Gus.

The people I am connecting with are into sacred dance, tensegrity yoga, fresh baked bread, homemade fig jam and laughter.  Deep, deep laughter.

I am reading deeply, sleeping deeply, stretching deeply, dreaming deeply.

It's a deep, deep drop into softness, darkness and light -- nothing could be more fitting for me right now before I head into teaching the Magic of Myth.

Today I am headed down the dirt road to spend the afternoon getting my hands messy thanks to a new friend I have yet to meet-- she calls her art studio the "garage mahal" -- you gotta love that.

So, that's where I am.  I had exactly no idea why I was traveling here or what I would be doing -- was just following a call.  May each of us welcome intuitive prompts and bravely heed the beckoning of our heart when it seems straight-up crazypants to go where it leads!

more soonest--

bisous, e

Wednesday, February 26

dear winter

eliz apartment 4

It is so tempting to write a letter to Winter right now.

SO tempting!  I really have a few things I want to say-- but am wondering, is it worth it?

We are in the last week of February -- do I even bother getting into all of this now instead of simply letting things roll out and shift into Spring? A big part of my inner work is accepting what is -- and so, if I were to start a dialogue with Winter in all the ways it has been busy when I wanted slow and spacious days it wouldn't be so much of an argument with Winter as a tussle with LIFE, -- specifically, my life.

And, let's be clear -- my life is a flipping dream.


I know we are not supposed to be happy (for fear of jinxing it or for fear of retribution -- "your life is good? HERE let me throw some mud on you, oh annoying one"), but I think that is what I would be saying in my note to Winter.

No, I don't like the cold and yes I could easily spend the rest of my lifetime here on planet earth without ever experiencing snow again-- but, really, it doesn't much matter. There is just so much to enjoy in a given day and whatever Winter didn't bring me (three months of uninterrupted hibernation, for example, ahem) it was most generous with the sunshine.

Damn, did we have sun.


Wherefore the busyness, you might ask--- well, aside from the regular Squam programming, we have had three online workshops going on.

Harriet's was full out fabulousness and I am way behind on posting the hearts people made-- but oh, they are amazing.

Pitch Perfect is open for registration -- and something was brought to my attention that I didn't see before:  how helpful this is not only to people trying to break into publishing-- but any kind of networking, writing a cover letter for a job, etc.

Knowing how to nail a perfect query letter is such a useful tool in life and Sissy has this dialed in to a science--- so I didn't even see that benefit to it when we put this class together. (I know, am obtuse -- discuss amongst yourselves . . )

And then, of course-- there is the Magic of Myth which, OMG.

That's pretty much all I can say. OMG.

We have just finished filming the first three weeks and I am so deep in the JOURNEY of this. (plus? we shot it in the most gorgeous, goddess-y loft/studio and that amped up the twinkle light mojo, most definitely).

This material is definitely where my heart has always lived-- deep in the mystic -- and to be able to bring it to such an amazing group of spirits--- from all over the freaking world -- we have people in the class who live in Kenya and Germany, for god's sakes . . . well, it feels amazing.

I am also? Tired.

I have to witness how much I pour myself into my projects and understand when I flatline after. Because, in this same time frame-- I have sent out my novel to the world and the feedback is now rolling in and it is illuminating a whole NOTHER path of amazingness that is coming toward me.

So, busy. Happy? Yes. Tired, yes.

Oh and on Friday, I shepherd the sweet dogs up to NH where they will spend the next 10 days with Dave as I head to Vancouver Island on Saturday.

The hell? Vancouver Island? Can someone please explain this to me? This trip is 100% intuition/impulse inspired and I have no ego/mind rationale -- in fact, right now my ego/mind is in an uproar at how kee-ray-zee this all sounds.

But I am going.

I am off on an adventure. A swift drop into the slipstream, as it were.

May it be peaceful, easy, graceful and FUN.


Oh, this life.

And can I just say how MUCH I love that you are along on the journey with me? 

bisous, e

Thursday, February 13

a study in red & white


Today is my mom's birthday. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Yesterday I was given The Gift.*

A perfect trifecta for a single effect: a study in red and white and a DANCE PARTY going on in my heart, soul and living room.


No one could ever paint
A too wonderful

Of my heart
                                 ~ Hafiz

Tomorrow night I am going to dance my heart out in bare feet with a group of wild souls here in Providence in support of One Billion Rising.

To get in the groove, I have created a mixtape to keep the groove rolling from now til then.

I share it with YOU<--!  (you = my valentine)

So in love . . .

bisous, e

*Yes! I have never held this in my hands before and now am obsessed.
*Thanks to my beloved friend, Camille.

Tuesday, February 11

a good day to die

Just back from giant (read: colassol) walk over white fields of snow to soup I made last night with roasted veggies (thx to @helenedujardin) greens from farmers mkt. headed to boston in a bit. Sigh. Life is good.

This is real time.  As I type to you, this is precisely where I am and what I see.

Now, as it were.

And, whoa-- didn't mean to freak anyone out with that title above-- I honestly never know what the hell is gonna pop out the ends of these typing fingers, but that surprised even me.  Yet, I left it as I know the depth of its truth.

Yes, today is my birthday, but EVERY day is our birthday --- or, for the enlightened Geronimo's in our midst-- every day is a good day to die.

My brother's mother-in-law (sounds like a long distance away from me, but in fact we were quite connected-- she even came to visit me a couple of times at Soliden) died three years ago next month.  She was in her early 80s.  Active.  Vital.  Engaged with life and beauty.

She had just come home from a concert and was walking up the stairs to bed when she stopped midway on the staircase, swung an arm out with delight and said, "what a WONDERFUL day!" She then continued up the steps, went to sleep and never woke up.

I take enormous comfort from this knowledge.  Not because I am all about death-- but because I am all about living a fabulous life -- breathing deep into every moment I can.

So weird that I am all about life and death here today.  I am aware that in this space I come off so heavy and philosophical at times -- ever gazing on the hypnotic swirls of my bellybutton. 

The thing is, my friends know (they KNOW) I am the most silly, absurd, child-like nut you will ever hang out with.  I love nothing better than super, silly fun.  And so I have been receiving no few emails full of silliness from friends wanting to make me laugh hard on my birthday.

I share the links with you below in the event you want blow out some energy in good, hard belly laughs.

First up:

Just in time for the Year of the Horse:  Prancercise!  (Find your inner horse)

And, then because the above is NOT a parody . . . omg.  THIS is the parody:

Beth says, "my inner horse has stripes and is a zebra."  I love this woman SO much!  (if you love her, too -- here's a fab show she did of Gwyneth Paltrow)

Am guessing Gwynnie, or GOOPy as she likes to be called, is fair game for parody because here's Katy and Katie's take:

Katie:  This is just, talking about Gwyneth Paltrow makes me hungry.

To quote Sissy, "these girls are f$&%<@! hilarious.

So--- a day filled with light, laughter and the promise of an evening with friends.

You know, a very good day to . .. be ALIVE, baby!

Big love to you all of you!

bisous, e

Friday, February 7

for Dave, an update


OLLIE:  Yo, Pops!  How's it going, man?  It's been a while since you dropped me here at Camp Loveland so I thought I'd bring you up to speed.


OLLIE:  It took some doing to settle in.  It's a whole 'nother world here with 2+ walks a day and 24/7 companionship.  My anxieties are getting better.  She's got me wearing this "thundershirt" -- oh, dude. it's SO embarrassing -- some of the other dogs give me shit cause they think it's a sweater --  I have to tell them it's NOT a sweater, it's a thundershirt.  Jeez.


OLLIE:  She does take us lots of places.  You know, mixes it up -- keeps it interesting.  Gaiter was down last weekend and it was good to see him -- the guy hasn't aged a day.  I'm still not a big fan of the whole "love-in / snugglefest" that is a big part of life down here, but I'm coming around to it-- you know, sort of.

But I will say one thing, no shortage of cozy places to snooze in this joint.

Post-walk snooze. What a dog's life!

OLLIE:  Of course, as you are probably waiting to hear-- yes, The Annoying One is still here.  She is always trying to kiss me and get on the bed with me, but I make sure she knows who's boss.


OLLIE:  Hey now, don't make me feel all guilty.  SHE's the one who RUINED my life, if you recall.


DAISY:  That is SO not true. Just because I am younger and adorable -- I can't HELP that.

OLLIE:  Hey.  This is my letter.  Go write your own.


OLLIE:  Truth is, Pops, I think we all still miss Henry.  He was a class act and it's just not the same with him gone.

But hey-- didn't mean to get all woebegone on your ass.


OLLIE:  Things are good.  I'm doing great -- and that little sister of mine is getting less annoying by the day.

Sometimes?  We even wrestle and play together.  We're cool

Tell Sadie I said 'hi' and that I miss her, too.  And you?  Keep it real, dude.  Peace out --


bisous, e

Thursday, February 6

welcome to the revolution!


I like winter.  Well, let me rephrase that, I like winter in Providence.

After being buried alive in 168" of snow one winter (hello New Hampshire!) and lifted off my feet and slammed into the side of a library by Mach-10 winds (thank you Wisconsin!) what they call winter here is nothing more than a bit of frosting on a few pretty streets.

It's never cold.
Cold is when you can't take pictures because your fingers would snap off like so many icicles.
Cold is 17 degrees below zero.
Cold hurts.

Of course, it's all relative, right?  Someone moving to Providence from Louisiana, for example, might feel that they were living on the arctic circle.

Age is that same way.  It's all through your lens.   


Susannah's inspired gathering of reflections on aging
had me feeling rich, rich, rich yesterday.
I loved these posts and want to share one bit
from each that will truly stay with me. 

"I've learned to ask for what I need and allow myself to receive graciously. My life has become so much more luxurious than it's ever been and it's because I refuse to believe the bullshit stories I used to tell myself. " - Bella Cirovic

"which is when you realize forty is not the new twenty. forty is not the new thirty. forty is forty because calling it anything else would be wrong. borrowing from another decade would be an insult and pretending it's something it's not means you've missed the point entirely. forty is forty and what you know in your heart is that you wouldn't have it any other way." - Andrea Jenkins

"I have such reverence for time. I celebrate things so tiny others might step past them. Every cup of coffee, every smile and kiss from my lover, every time the little ones laugh together it is time blessing me, kissing my path, guiding me deeper." Hannah Marcotti 

"I have softened so much over the last few years, allowing certainty and control to fall away and make room for mystery and curiosity." - Sas Petherick

"What does it matter what someone else thinks? What matters is what I think of me and the way in which I conduct my life, treat myself, and treat others I love and care about. And what I notice about this attitude is that it works like a magnet. It attracts the type of people I wish to interact with and be close to and keeps away a lot of negative people and those negative, annoying interactions that can be so draining. It cuts out the bullshit. It forges authentic, genuine connections that make for a positive life." - Susan Tuttle 


"Perhaps what comes with aging is less of a desire to impress and more of a desire to BE myself completely without need of recognition.  Perhaps what comes with aging for me is learning what matters most and pouring my reserves into those people and things that fill me up rather than deplete me." - Denise Andrade

"And I say mysterious because it seems that our society and culture have almost exclusively been teaching us one view of aging, and that is one of decline not one of expansion, vibrancy and aliveness like no other." - Marisa Anne

"I slowly started caring less and less about what I looked like on the outside.  My priorities started to shift towards feeling good, doing positive work in the world and surrounding myself with the people I love." - Flora Bowley

"It’s not that beauty (in all its forms) is stunted, but the perception of beauty is.  It’s like not being able to see all of the colors of the rainbow.  A fixation on just a few, and you’re unable to see the beauty of each one." - Randi Buckley

"These days, the journey looks no less precarious: laying down my sword, while knowing exactly where it is and how to swing it, it means learning more about what’s really going on out there, and taking appropriate action." - Pixie Campbell

"Regardless some of my physical and even some mental complaints (damn you hormones!) I wouldn’t change where I’m at for anything. I am more grounded and self-assured, and sure-footed than I’ve ever been. I’ve got a better outlook. I’m kinder to myself. I’m more resilient in almost every arena. I’m sure of who I am and what I believe." - Tracey Clark

"All of me wants to say, “Come. I have so much to tell you, so much to offer, so much to give.” But it sounds arrogant, doesn’t it? (The too-long-listened-to voices within still attempt to control and quiet.) And right now, in this very moment, I see myself reflected in the windows that front my desk: a woman in her 50s, questioning her right and ability to speak! I laugh, out loud. Mostly at myself, but also at any who would think me too much and ever dare to say so." - Ronna Detrick 

"Only in hindsight can we see our fears and worries were unwarranted, that insecurities and doubts were just illusions and that we should have taken a risk or dared something new sooner." - Danielle Dowling

"I feel more alive right now than I ever have before." - Ali Edwards

"I am here. I am beautiful. I am powerful. I am brave. I am scared. I am alive. And I am grateful." - Marianne Elliot

"And though that’s not what this post was about, I think it’s my 41 years that gave me the courage to press publish." - Tanya Geisler

"Just by living it seems, we manifest our selves. How wonderful is that? We create ourselves by taking in life and sculpting it." - Jo Hanlon-Moores

"To be able to feel and hold and see the beauty and the shit that make up this gorgeous, crazy, sometimes really hard life." - Liz Lamoreux 

"And when I blow out all those candles that shine a light on where I’ve been and where I’m going, I’ll make a wish for me and you: for the strength to choose happiness in the now, in the aging, in this life we get to live." - Liv Lane

"I’ve come to love aging because it has taught me such honest gratitude. In the contrast between what is and what won’t be, I learn with a gasp: this, this. Now, now!" - Jen Louden 

Self-compassion (and the wisdom of age) has allowed me to see my own beauty. Not the perfect, magazine kind of beauty, but the real kind. The kind that stays with you a lifetime. - See more at: http://www.superherolife.com/2014/02/you-are-beautiful-2/#sthash.q07AKNa2.dpuf
 "Self-compassion (and the wisdom of age) has allowed me to see my own beauty. Not the perfect, magazine kind of beauty, but the real kind. The kind that stays with you a lifetime."  - Andrea Scher

"You know exactly what counts as an amazing time -- whether you're a person who sincerely loves being in a crowd, or would really rather spend time in solitude or with a few friends or family -- and you know how to do it without apologizing.  You know what kinds of activities feed your soul, and which ones sap your spirit, and you act accordingly." - Karen Walrond
"I can boldly state, without flinching or holding back that I AM a master at what I have spent the past 30 years developing. What feels so very good is that I don’t think of this as ego or boasting or trying to pump myself up. This statement doesn’t come from a place of feeling inadequate or like I’m trying to be better than another person. It has nothing to do with anyone else. It’s simply the truth." - Chris Zydel

And of course, the goddess of the revolution herself, Susannah had something beautiful to say about all this, too:

"The fact is, I love being older.
I love this feeling of wholeness that’s
deepening with every new year. I feel rooted
in who I am, and while I still get tossed around
on hormonal tidal waves, at my core I know myself.
I know what I’m capable of. I know my worth."


Daisy says, "amen, sisters!"

bisous, e