Wednesday, August 11

blowing wishes


Someday I will go to Edinborough for their Fringe festival.  Meantime, all I can do is peruse the flickr photos for inspiration.  Wait--how about next year?  I've never done the wishlists I've seen around the blogsphere, you know, mondo beyondo and 35 things before I'm 35, etc-- but I am going to put this one out there-- next year, August 2011, I want to be at Fringe with bells on!

We'll see how that wish flies.

Last night I grabbed my camera as I headed to yoga because there are two shots I pass every day walking with my spoiled and needy dogs that I have been wanting to capture.

One is the queen anne's lace.  I love the heads before they pop open-- they make me think of 18th century girls with their hair pulled up with a tiny crown of white flowers in their hair.  Did you see the movie The Young Victoria?  For some reason-- every time I see these flowers in this state, I think of that film.


Of course they are lovely when they bloom in full-- but I really like them best in this moment just before they open up.

The other image I wanted to share didn't come out so well-- but that's how it goes with photos-- they don't always capture the full feeling of a vista.  When I come down the road from where I live, there is a farm on the left and this blue roof on the side of the hill and I just love that roof line they way it drops-- but I couldn't quite capture it for you, alas.


This morning the sun is so bright and so full and so strong, all I want to do is lay on the grass and let it pour through me.  Unfortunately, I have a long drive to IKEA to get supplies for SAW so no lollygagging for me.  Luckily, my friend Terri is driving so, at the very least, I can lollygag in the passenger side.

Hope your day is heavy on the lolly and low on the gag.


Bisous, E


  1. Heavy on the lolly and low on the gag! hahahaha! I love that! Also, IKEA: *shiver*

  2. Damn it! (Is it okay to cuss before the blog hostess swears or is it totally Un-Emily Post of me? ) Urgh! I left a comment, a supportive comment, on your last post and deleted it b/c the blogger thing didn't verify my website url and instead linked me to an old group blog that never took off and has absolutely no relevance to anything now. And damn it! It still links to it without my last comment, thus having me appear suspect as one of those nosy, self-righteous heifers who sent you pissy a note. Good grief. ANYWAY---> love the photos, love the Into the Mystic vibe your new space offers, and most importantly love YOU! mmmwwaah!

  3. AHHH! Liz stole my comment! I love that lolly and gag thing too~

    Good for you for making a wish, I know you can make it come true. Nothing will stop you.

  4. "Someday I will go to Edinburgh for their Fringe festival" ... Oh YES. You will. Because then I can take you out for a beer or two, or three! You NEED to come here!! :-D

  5. curios, miss macrellish...if you and edinburough made contact this month?? hope so! if not..just keep adding it to your list. :)


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