Wednesday, August 18

hours like days


Henry and Oliver have not returned.

It's been a slow drop for me--- with each passing day I find myself less able to think or do simple tasks.  This morning I am unable to hold a conversation with anyone because I am in a rather chronic state of crying.

You know me.  I am trying like hell to intellectualize all of this.  To find meaning and metaphor.  To find life lessons and spiritual guidance.  To have something make sense.

But none of those old behaviors are working for me here.  I am a bucket of confusion, depression and pain.

I wouldn't even be writing here to you except for the emails and phone calls I have been receiving.  I know how much you care about Henry and Ollie.  I know you want to know the status.  It's possible they just got turned around in the mountains and are genuinely lost-- and will come out the other side in one of the four possible towns . . . we have alerted the police and humane societies etc in each of them.  It's also possible I may never see them again.

That's all I know.


  1. Oh, BP (you're still BP to me), am so sorry to read of the boys' disappearance. Truly hope it's just like the other times and they've wandered off to get into some mischief (or perhaps back to Soliden, as someone commented on the other post). Can't wait to read of your happy reunion. Stay strong, dear. We're all thinking of you.

    Vespa Rossa
    (ignore the "silva" ID, using old, old, OLD, yahoo open-ID to comment bc don't want to use real name google ID)

  2. I'm holding hope for you and the boys.

  3. Oh, Elizabeth. I am so very sorry. I cannot imagine how your heart is breaking right now - well, I can, because I only have to imagine if I didn't know where Thomas was. Nightmare. I know you love Henry and Oliver with a love that is so tender and deep. I will hope with the deepest hope and PRAY that these adventurous pups return home (either to you or Soliden) or that some kind soul rounds them up and brings them home. I love the butterscotch boys so, and you.

  4. I have gone through this but with cats so I know
    the pain and the heartbreak. It has been so obvious to everyone how much you care for your
    dogs, and how unimaginable it must seem that they wouldn't just be bouncing around the door
    waiting for you to open it. I, too, think that
    it not unlikely that they decided to find their
    way back to Soliden just for fun (right), and are crashing through the woods, and someone will find them. I will be thinking about you.

  5. We are all hoping and praying that the boys will be home soon. I'm sad for this with you.

  6. Oh sh@#t. Oh I'm so sorry. Oh damn, damn, damn. So not what you needed. They WILL come back, smart dogs. Could they be on their way to their old home? Oh honey. HUGS.

  7. OH man. I am so hoping to see the opposite of this post. Hang in there, honey. I hope they get home soon. LOVE YOU.

  8. Ohhhhhh BP, that's appalling. You're so fond of them, this must be terrible for you. I do so hope to hear a report very soon of how they've been found, and that you're okay ...

  9. Elizabeth,

    Have you considered contacting Lab Rescue (the organization that finds homes for Labs) to see
    if they have any suggestions -- this might put you into a whole network that could help. If you want to and can't find it through Google, email me, and I will find out through my friend Ellen.

  10. Labrador Retriever Rescue
    Serving Maine, Massachusetts,
    New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

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    Contact us
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    Leave a message and an experienced LRR volunteer will call you back.

    Adoption, Volunteer, and Foster Applications:
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    Here is the information -- it might seem like a strange thing to do, but these dog lovers are
    extreme in their willingness to help labs.

  11. I saw you had a post up and couldn't click fast enough to see if they were home. I am still holding out hope that they will be home VERY soon. (Like NOW!) My prayers will be with Sam's and with you too.

  12. i love you.
    i get it,
    just say the word, and im there...

  13. Oh, that's awful. I hope they come home safe soon.


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e