Saturday, August 7

o little town


Last night I dropped the dogs with Dave and Ollie and headed north up I-93.

For the record, I don't drive north, ever, with only two exceptions:

1. Traveling to Montreal to hang with Jeanine

2. Jonatha Brooke playing at the Colonial Theater in Bethlehem.

Is it possible to think she is even more of an exceptional musician than I already did? I guess it is-- because she absolutely rocked me to my soul. She reached right in and set my juju settings to 'shimmyshine' and, man-- her lyrics, her guitar playing, her VOICE-- the way she scoops the audience right into the palm of her hand-- it's just amazing to be in her presence.

And I guess I keep thinking I will get used to it-- that it will become old hat-- but that is why she is so magical. She keeps EVERYTHING fresh and alive and new.

She is of the moment.

If you get the chance to see her live--- do not miss it. She's the real thing.

Bisous, E

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