Friday, August 6

on my feet


One month (or in the case of July 2010-- one long-ass month of five rollercoaster screaming weeks) into the new digs and I am still standing.

Of course, in this moment, my stomach aches from eating too much gorgeous granola that the Chitnis brought me, but aside from that-- I have to say, I am feeling weepy with gratitude, a bit giddy with joy, although still somewhat emotionally bruised and sore.

But baby, I am here and it is a new day. And I know this blog is so plain it makes an Amish girl's underwear look positively festooned, but I love it so much because I made it all by myself (okay, with help and guidance from the Chitnis and the lovely people who have info posted that I can google) and because it is a harbinger of all the changes going on in my life. It represents, for me, independence and a recognition that I don't have to spend money or rush around in a panic trying to find an 'expert' to create things I want in my life.

My feet are on the ground. My heart is open. And now, I'm taking the dogs up to the pond to enjoy a swim, a float and a sweet Friday morning of summer.

Bisous, E


  1. Welcome to a new address, a new chapter, a little spice in the tea. I love the pristine look too - plenty of room to fill with new stories and surprises. Reinvention. All sparkly and thrilling. :-) xo

  2. Welcome to your new home - plain is good I feel! xxx


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