Monday, August 9

she shoots from the hip

Elizabeth's Slice of Heaven
(photo by Christine Chitnis)

One of the many things I admire about Christine is her take-no-prisoners style.
Unlike East Coast elementary schools where classes in faux diplomacy, denial and passive aggressive communication is de rigeur, it appears that kids growing up in Michigan are exempt from such offerings.

It is bracing and, like a mist of face toner in the morning, most refreshing to share space with someone who speaks her mind clearly and succintly.

"Elizabeth," she says after the third day of a stare-down with Henry who most obstinately insisted on moping beside her bed. "I love you, but your dogs are needy and spoiled."

Oh my god-- I may have permenantly damaged a kidney, I laughed so hard.

Truth, when delivered straight up with no chaser, is quite the tonic.

Why was Henry moping, you may ask-- well, his version of the story was that Christine came and took over his queen bed. Our take is that Henry needs to get over himself-- and remember that he is a dog.

Either way-- nothing like a Michigan girl to set your household to right.

(And, if you want a glimpse of my digs through her camera-- click on her link above-- damn if she can't make a wall of tools look cool).

Bisous, E


  1. I'm so relieved that you're still around! Your posts add sunshine to my days.

  2. Welcome home Elizabeth! That is what this space feels like, your home. I have read all of your posts and they are so sweet with happiness and peace. Thank you for inviting me to be here with you.

  3. Am so glad to see you on the up and up, chickie. SMOOCH!

  4. Christine's photos are just gorgeous. As is your slice of heaven. Heaven, indeed. :)

  5. So very glad to catch up with you here. Thanks for inviting us along.

  6. Christine's photos are beautiful - as are these. Look at those berries! All of it - just gorgeous. What a slice of heavenly pie you've found there.
    Thanks for taking us along on the ride.


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