Sunday, August 29

sinking in


It must be said, nothing feels as good to me right now as being here, on the farm.
There is such an expansive sensation of peace, beauty, and of being suffused in light.
I was supposed to leave for a couple of days next week to do work-- but I had to cancel it.
I simply cannot leave right now.  I need to be here.  It feels so good.


Henry, Daisy and I got back yesterday around noon.  After a quick seven trips up the stairs to unload my stuff (I know!  Damn, right?  But I had to bring my office with me in order to process book orders and the last registrations that are still coming in . . whaddya gonna do?), we set off on a long walk to ground ourselves into the place.

Some subtle changes had occurred.  Apples are getting red-cheeked (although they are not quite ripe as I found out this morning when I went to add one to my oatmeal) and the maple leaves are following suit, alas.

Oh, how I am not ready for summer to end.  Not this summer.  Isn't that right, Henry?






Above are photos I took at the end of the day last night-- the sun going down over the pasture just slays me.  You will likely see another 1000 pictures of the same damn image in the days and weeks ahead-- I'll just go ahead and apologize now for the repetitiveness-- it's all about me.  I just can't soak it in.

This morning I snapped a couple of the clouds as the sun was rising.



It promised to be another exceptional day-- and, is it ever.  We sat out under the apple tree while I drank my coffee and then wandered up to the pond.  The water was so clear, the sun so bright, that I took off all my clothes and went swimming-- naked.

Heaven.  Sheer heaven.

As soon as I hit publish on this post-- we are headed back up to the pond.  This time I will wear my bathing suit, obvs.  But in my mind?  As I drift about on the raft?  I will be reliving that moment this morning when my whole body was awake and singing and Daisy paddled about me with a curious expression on her face as I kicked arcs of water into the sky and laughed out loud.



  1. I noticed at the cottage this weekend that the greens have taken on that end of summer washed out look. And yet, it was in the 90s today. It can't be over yet!

  2. You're living in paradise. Heaven can wait.

  3. Oh how lovely... even the pictures are restful! I'm sure with meadows like that and the drama of the escapee dogs safely behind you, everything in the world is possible.

  4. The pond! Swimming naked is on my list of life goals now. Can't believe I've never done that, it sounds like about the best thing in the world.

  5. Skinny-dipping is bliss. We had a pool when I was growing up and skinny-dipping was my favorite part :) Your pictures are so wonderful. I just want to sit and stare at them. Thank you. The beauty is just what I need.


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