Tuesday, August 24

sun junkie


It may come as a surprise to some of you longtime readers-- but I finished a book.  I know!  And, I may read it a second time, just to admire the writing and try to observe how she did it:  Three Junes by Julia Glass.  Part of my new life includes time spent in the local libraries-- I have two-- and they are both really good in that way sometimes small New England towns have no cafe, no gas station, no bakery but awesome libraries.

I share the title with you in the event you are looking for a good read, but I also realize it came out like, um, EIGHT years ago-- so chances are you have already read it long, long ago.  Let's just say, I am nobody's book reference site.


The sun is out this morning for the first time in three days.  Heavenly.  And yet, so odd for me to feel such relief since--hello, this has been the all-time sunniest, endless sunny days summer of ever.  And yet, that's probably why I now have a raging sun addiction.  If you spoil me with something good-- how can I ever live without it again?

Sun, sun, sun.  We are having quite the special summer relationship and I never want it to end.


Wish I had something more to share with you, but the truth is my brain is quite mushy.  It has stopped aching (from Saturday's fall) thank god-- but there's a whole lotta empty space up there and I am trying to allow that sensation to grow-- at least for a couple of days.  We'll see-- boring for you, obvs, but good for me.

Bisous, E


  1. Mush is good E. You need mush now and then. Enjoy!

  2. I have NOT read that book! I am adding it to the (endless)list of books to read. I may not get to it for several years, just so you know. I am glad to hear that your head is feeling better. And I agree, mush is good. Enjoy your sun-worshiping today. We have clouds. Boo.

  3. I haven't read it either and just added it to my book wish list. We have sun today after several seemingly endless weeks of clouds & rain. Enjoy every second of it!

  4. OOPS that was me, not my daughter


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