Monday, September 6

oh, that western light

I'll be the first to admit that I don't much enjoy an endless stream of overlarge photos on a blog post when I am out and surfing about.  I much prefer one great shot with some thoughtful (or funny) reflection.

And so, I feel for you all-- I really do-- as I seem to have lost my ability to winnow the photographs down to a manageable two or three and instead, ahead of you awaits an onslaught of endless, overlarge photos of essentially the same thing:  Henry and Daisy in the field an hour ago when the light was going down.
To compound this egregious (<-----that's for you Jen) action, I am not in the most reflective of moods.  I was in a contemplative mood a couple days ago-- should've written to you then, I guess-- except I was happily ensconced in a spontaneous bout of painting while listening to music and there's no being there and being here, you know what I mean?

I was thinking about something Lisa had written here.

She wrote, "that i am, already, the woman i’ve longed for."

Yeah. Wow, right?

That one really rang out to me.  It rang out, it burrowed deeply, it lifted me up, it set me on my feet-- it was such a lovely phrase and it felt rather amazing to respond to that statement with a -- yes, me too.
(We interrupt this endless sea of dogs with season's end of blackberries!)
Of course, true to form-- right after my wild divergence into spontaneous behavior (painting baseboard and window trim was not on my scheduled to-do list for the weekend, but I have set an intention to be less goose-stepping and more open to bouts of tango so I went with the flow) which had me feeling oh-so-good, I found it hard to get back in gear yesterday and barely got anything done.

Oh wait-- that was the goal, right?  See-- I have the difficulty with sinking in to the whole "resting as do nothing assignment."  Oh sure, I'm good for a couple of hours-- three at the max-- but soon my inner taskmaster starts kicking up her heels and demanding I become productive.  Which, lucky for me, wasn't going to happen this weekend as once I had begun sinking into the unwound state-- I found I was quite limp and unable to rewind--- I was kind of like one of those cassette tapes of old that got eaten in your car radio cause you played it one too many times and suddenly there's this grinding sound and when you punch the stop button and pull out the tape it's too late-- the black tape has hemorrhaged all through the player and all you can do is pull until all the strands are free and in a slippery mess in your lap.

Fortunately for me, after giving in to it all day yesterday and then most of today-- I finally shifted the energies.
I'm hoping your long weekend was lovely -- with lots of rest, play and all around indulgence of the best kind.

Bisous, E


  1. I can never get too many pics of Henry.

    By the way, there's lots of painting to do at my house if you want to get all productive. Me? I can't be bothered.

  2. I love all of your photos. Your puppies always steal my heart. I am so glad that you are in that place: already the woman that you have longed for. I, alas, am not. Not by a long shot. Wishing you more happiness and peacefulness...xo.

  3. No complaints here. I'm completely in love with the Daisy creature and love light. More photos is just fine with me.

  4. More photos, more words, more iight, more love.

  5. light. More spelling! Less typos.

  6. can't wait to meet you in the middle of everything next week. xx


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