Friday, September 3

slow wheel turning

Did you know it's a sign of great health when you begin posting photos of farm equipment?

Just dropping in to share a lovely start to the day-- I do feel so much better (could it be due to the TWO entire heads<--heads! not cloves! of garlic that I consumed between Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon?) and was able to enjoy a more normal morning.

We got up early-- had coffee and strolled through the wet grass.  I knocked out a pile of paperwork that has to get delivered to Peg this afternoon.  Took a shower (<--!  I know!  No recollection of when that last occurred which is kind of due to swimming so much in the summer time, but seriously-- even the French would disown me).  Pulled on some shorts and a tank top and headed out for our long walkabout that takes us through the Julie Andrews field (seriously, one of these days I will bring a camera and you will totally get it as there's this huge mown circle of green at the top of a knoll that stretches out for miles of meadows and off in the distance are blue mountains-- and nobody could hit that spot without twirling around and belting out The Hills Are Alive . . well, except me, of course.  I've never done it-- but somebody should) down the woodsy pine-needle path out into the dirt road to end at the waterfalls.

I have a practice now of taking off my shoes and putting my feet into the rushing water and allowing it wash away all energies of judgement* and criticism as well as destructive and negative thoughts.

I know!  Who knew it was that simple?

We walked back up-- the dogs are now bushed and crashed on the floor.  I had my first real appetite in over 8 days and made oatmeal with blueberries, gorgeous peaches, roasted almonds and sprinkle of coconut.


Hmm, I seem to be using that word an awful lot these days . . but it's true.  I am so lucky, so fully cognizant of how lucky I am and so deeply grateful for all the beauty surrounding me.  And, so relieved to be feeling like myself again.  Lesson learned.  Seriously, I REALLY learned it this time:  no loading on projects.

Now-- off to the post office, UPS, Soliden, RDC to see Thea (squeeeee!!!) and back tonight to settle in for a lovely weekend of reading, resting, and cleaning house.  (I know, that last one doesn't seem to fit, but it's my weekend gig).

Wishing you a weekend filled with as many of your favorite things as you can squeeze into it!

Bisous, E

*Gonna hang on to discernment, obvs-- just cleaning out the judgement.


  1. Have a wonderful weekend, E. Glad you're "back".

  2. i'm loving the words i'm reading here of late miss E, you are on your way. xo

  3. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling like yourself again. Your walk (with "The Hills Are Alive" and WATERFALLS) sound divine. I am just letting it all wash over me too. I needed that.

  4. I'll come and hills are alive for you :)


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e