Monday, September 20


Thea and Elizabeth
Thea + me                                            photo by Christine Chitnis

This afternoon, Michelle and I walked the black and tans . . yes!  All three brombies plus Q.  It is a sumptuous, sultry, heavenly Indian summer day here and it feels so sweet to me to be back in my safe corner of the world.  As we came up the road, Scott (he runs the property where I live and is the papa to Q) slowed his truck and leaned out the window to tell me--

"Your well has run dry."

How true it is .. . both literally and figuratively.  But fret not-- there is a great wellspring all around me and I shall replenish.

Right now, I am simply dehydrated, spent and over-exposed.  I need to crawl into my shell and find my quiet center.  More soon with photos and stories and feelings and revelations--- til then-- love and light.

Bisous, E


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  2. now the time has come to take care of YOU.. what an amazing job you do holding the intention for such an amazing space for the 100+ creative souls at Squam.. I was so happy to be a part of it. Yourself and all your magical elves (Peg, Jen, etc.) are simply incredible.

  3. I so feel you right there with you.

  4. Thank you for creating such a wonderful place.... Absolutely beautiful and filled with awe-inspiring,jaw-dropping, stupendous energy. I pray you are able to rest and recharge!

  5. Yes, recharge. Take care of yourself. Just you.

  6. A million thank yous for pouring so much of yourself into an over-the-top beautiful Squam experience! Time to check into your soul care garage:) Hoping you get to spend some good time at the beautiful Dragonfly Barn...

  7. Don't let the love burn you out like a candle, love. XO

  8. elizabeth. sending you galaxies of love and light. you have poured so much light and love into me. now it's time for you. love and blessings, hillary
    (ps - SAW was more full than i ever dreamed. thank you. more on that later!)

  9. Elizabeth, it was so great to see you Saturday night, and be at SAW for at least two hours. I
    can't believe that your well actually went dry
    after everything else. If you want me to drive
    up with a few cases of bottled water, you know
    where to find me.

  10. I hope you are quenched, and rested and peaceful by now. Smooch those puppies and then take another nap! xoxo


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