Monday, October 25

magic and transformation on the beach

the bat signal
photo of me sending up the bat signal by Michelle Madden Smith

Here's the thing-- I have so much to share-- so much I want to share with you all, but I must get on the road home and there are a few hundred miles (and about 13 hours of driving) between me and my bed, my desk and those oh so spoiled and needy dogs of mine. I have to focus and rally the energy to sink into this next activity so I don't have the focus or energy to be here . . YET.

elizabeth & milo
photo by Michelle Madden Smith

But that doesn't mean you can't go get a breath of that salt air magic-- links top right for you to the by the sea flickr group and the SAW homepage where the links will be listed.

photo by Mindy Lacefield

It was magic. It was heaven. It is very hard to drive away from the sun and beach, warmth and sky into the dark and cold of New England, but I am grateful, so intensely, grateFULL-- filled to the brim with gratitude and light and love.

magic lives here.
photo by Arabella Crawford
photo by Arabella Crawford

And that is what I want to share with you all-- more soon.

bisous, E


  1. Just so you know, I was thinking about you and Sam and Michelle all week. ALL WEEK. I just knew it would be magic with you three all together. I can't wait to hear about it. But, get home, take a nap, and take care of yourself first. I can wait.

  2. safe journey home.. May the magic sink in and may you take good care when you get home..

    Karen D

  3. so beautiful. it was such a magical experience. pure magic

  4. so loved spending time with you! seriously grateful for all that you are and all that you do! love love love!


  5. Thank you thank you for having the vision and the energy to make it happen. Thank you for loving me right back and honoring all my tears (happy, happy tears) spend a few days with such extraordinary women was a Gift. It was a big explosion of gifts, like wrapping paper flying through the air on Christmas morning. LOVE to you as you rest and recover...and miss all of us, right? :)

  6. Elizabeth. Oh how I love you. Thank you. Deeply from the bottom of my heart. For being the creator, the catalyst for everything that took place these last few days. I truly believe there it was the most transformational few days of my life. I was SO so so so lucky to be there and be part of everything that took place.

    Rest. Recover. Savor. And know that you are deeply, deeply loved.

    and PS I loved seeing my photos here :)

  7. in this instance words just truly aren't glad i heard that bat signal 3 years ago...


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