Saturday, October 2

oh, the cranktasm is upon me


DAISY:  Yeah, we're back.  That is Henry and I are back.  If you're looking for that exhausted crazy lady, good luck.  Let's just say she has been a whole lotta fun lately, NOT.


DAISY:  But, after two long days of nothing but cold rain-- we've got some blue sky and sun, finally.  Yum.




And then, this morning-- which was gonna be THE day to lie in-- walk the dogs and then head back to bed for hours upon hours upon hours . . well, the hose on the washing machine popped off and about 1800 gallons of water crashed down from my apartment into the shop below, so the guys will be here all afternoon dealing with that.

So, I'm throwing the dogs in the car and heading to Soliden where I intend to nap with impunity.  (Dave and Ollie are up in Maine . . .)


The goal is to regain my energy and equilibrium.  Am completely flattened.


DAISY:  Oh, we'll shake her right out of that, won't we kids?



  1. i'm crankstastic as well, only instead of resting, (which i'm so not good at), i'm going to an art museum, to lose myself in rothko paintings and to remember, that this too shall pass. xo

  2. hope you go from flattened to inflated soon ;-)
    I am sure those pups will have you back on your feet in no time.. but seriously wishing you the rest and replenshing you need.

  3. PS love Henry's expression in the first pic.. he looks cranktastic also.

  4. I am feeling the same, tired, but no rest in sight. I am getting used to being overwhelmed. (Kind of, if you even can get used to that.) I hope you nap without a care until you are feeling the need to begin again. I really hope it happens before you HAVE to begin again! That always sucks.

  5. crabsticks & grumpbuckets! (go take a nap and a walk, in that order and here's a smooth for you as well: *SMOOCH*)

  6. Oh no - water everywhere! I was thinking of you this morning. I am so freakin with you....flattened, absolutely flattened. Love you xoxoxoxo

  7. ah that explains why I can't seem to get out of that's what this is. hope daisy and henry let you nap...alot!

  8. the colors of the trees!!!! OMG, what gorgeousness surrounds you.

    kick back. covers over head. that's it. zzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. Of course you're flattened. Sleep, wake up, nap some more, take a walk with the dogs, sleep... Ahhh.

    - Jazz


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