Wednesday, October 13

time, the sweetest healer, the balm


Last weekend was our local country fair replete with a blinking twinkling midway, fried dough, cotton candy-- the works. I was rather mesmerized with one of the rides that spins you round and round and round-- wait, maybe all the rides do that?

Hang on. Am dizzy.

Wild, spinning ride. I think that's where I was going-- as a metaphor, you know, for this life I am leading.

The color! The people! The beauty! The struggle! The exhaustion! The sobbing! The laughing! The smells! The sweetness of dogs and happy kids-- life. It has all been just too much for me. I really did (above and beyond my normal craziness) over-extend myself in this past year and the resulting burn-out was quite awful.

But I have learned.  As one might, from lessons they are required to repeat over and over and over again.

I have learned.

I am on a new path. I am fresh with old things shed (behaviors, attitudes, beliefs) and new things opening their magical hearts to me (friendships, travel, creative play, writing)-- this morning I took a walk with my darling neighbors.  Together with all four dogs, we strolled up the hill behind where we live.

Here are some photos of from the jaunt.

Am gearing up now to drive down to OBX -- had originally planned to bring Henry and Daisy with me, but please see above where I have learned NOT to overdo. . .  They will be (oh so happily) ensconced at Soliden with Ollie and Dave.

My hope is to share some photos of the by the sea magic--- so stay tuned.  Til then, may there be soft sunshine and good vibes in your day.

Bisous, E


  1. What gorgeous, breathtaking pictures. I am aching to come for another visit!

    Safe travels love!

  2. I agree those pictures are wonderful! It sounds like you have rested. A little? I hope so, because you are right back at it soon. And I am right back to wishing I could be there with you...and the ocean...and Sam.... and... and... and...

    You know what I mean, right?

  3. so beautiful! I can't wait to see you so very soon...counting down the days! xoxo

  4. Beautiful. I've been in Maine for the past week and heading to NH over the weekend. Can't wait, it's been so long since I've been there. Too bad we won't be able to meet, but one day the timing will work.

  5. the trees are bursting with color by you, gorgeous. Can't wait to hear about Squam by the Sea..
    Karen D

  6. Have a safe trip. I live in Maryland if you need a place to stay along the way.

  7. love, love, love the beautiful pictures.

    The one of the little girl...OMG this looks like an ad in a magazine.

    I love the door, too.

    Safe travels :)

  8. You sound refreshed! Have been thinking of you muchly. Will really MISS not getting to see you this next week, though!

  9. Thanks for sharing those wonderful pics, this is truly the time of year I miss livimg in NH. I am lucky I have small part of NH here With me in Oregon, my daughter is here for a visit! Enjoy the sea!

  10. Um, Hi!! I'm back from the OBX and wow... what is going on here? You're like, rocking your camera. This is new and exciting!! These photos are beautiful. xo


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