Sunday, November 7

another Sunday stroll


Turns out that although a complete lack of news media allows for great space and light in your life (and zero political ads), you may also fail to be alerted to the one day in the year when you get to sleep in.

Oh well.

Maybe I'll have to sleep in tomorrow just to give myself that fat, delicious extra hour. Meantime, we were up as per usual with a walk in the forecast--with a few surprise guests. First, my niece Kate who is here for the weekend, lucky me. Plus Oliver-- who is also here for the weekend-- as well as our beloved walking companion, Miss Cuan herself.

Kate seems to love the farm and we took a quiet stroll past the sugar shack and over the mossy bridge.


And then from there, well, you know-- we kinda wandered through the fields-- here and there.

Eventually, we arrived back at the apartment. Ready for some hot tea (Kate), hot coffee (me) and some toasted panini with butter and jam. That was when we discovered we had missed our gift of an hour.

Kate quickly remedied the situation and jumped back into bed where she is now, burrowed under soft blankets and quilts. I built a fire in the wood stove to up the cozy factor and now we settle in for an exciting visit that occurs today at noon.

Fingers crossed I get the information I hope to hear-- and if so, I promise to update you all with a bit of house project news that has me more in love with this place than ever.
THE BROMBIES: Hey-- don't tease us like that. We wanna know who's coming up the road.

Oh for heaven's sakes--- you'll know soon enough.

Enjoy the not knowing.
Here's a hint: it's not Daisy.

Hope you're still sleeping!

Bisous, E


  1. Thank you for bringing me on your walk. I haven't been out yet today. In fact I just showered. I have been working in my jammies since the wee hours this morning. I didn't get that extra hour either. I am very intrigued to hear your news!

  2. You didn't get your extra hour because dogs, simple creatures that they are, are having none of it. It's walk time, it's food time, it's relax time. Who cares about the rest.

    They're onto something, they are.

  3. I loved that extra hour and I can't believe how much longer the day felt with it.. amazing pictures E..

    Karen D

  4. I would like a sugar shack to stroll past. Also that first photo completely HYPNOTIZED me.

  5. I woke up an hour earlier than my usual that day ~ i don't know if I'm behind, ahead, or if i broke even :)
    What I do know is that I would like me a sugar shack and a mossy bridge, stat. My neighborhood could use a little rustic charm.
    I know I've said it before, but seriously... you are rockin that cam. Been loving your photos.
    xo B

  6. your photos are stunning elizabeth. stunning

  7. i'm usually a cat momma (5) but i love your guys !!


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