Tuesday, November 30

chez madonna


So I thought I was gonna be such a good house guest and bring a cup of fresh hot coffee to Christine at just the perfect moment. Knowing the baby wakes for his feedings at midnight, 3am, 6am-- I thought I would tap lightly on the door at about quarter to 9am and deliver some fresh-pressed coffee to the young mother.


Ah yes-- how perfect it would have been had I not been referring to the old clock in the kitchen. Turns out I knocked at 7:45am-- blah.


Good news is, hot coffee with milk is always welcome and I now have a sleeping baby on my lap as I type to you.

Things I love about Providence: the house colors. Seriously, these few snapshots don't even begin to tell the story because they were all taken just standing on one street, in one spot-- in pajamas and bare feet-- so quickly snapped to be sure.


Another great thing about Providence? 
The food. 
Seriously-- some of the best food ever, anywhere.


And, it doesn't hurt that the weather has been so sweet.

Sunny, sunny, sunny and mild.

Yesterday, Christine and I tooled around, up and down the old brick streets and across the Brown campus-- pushing little Vijay in his red pram (<--ha! how much do I love that word. Pram. Too fun. Okay, it was a stroller, whatever).

Today we are doing more of the same-- which is a good thing because the way I can't seem to stop eating all this gorgeous bread (read: local Portguese AND French bakeries, oh dear lord, I am doomed) this tush of mine is gonna need to be sprinting up those hills.

But now, would you like a glimpse of the mama and child? Of course you would.


More soon--

Bisous, E


  1. Mama looks perfectly at ease with her little baby. Hope you have a great time!! Say hello from me. xo

  2. I want a house guest that brings me coffee-- I don't care what time! Please visit me? I mean, once I actually have a home...

    Much love to you and Christine!

  3. Awww I love Christine so this post makes me so happy! :) She looks like a natural. :)

  4. totally loving her house. so beautiful. you are welcome to knock on my door in NJ any day ;)


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