Tuesday, November 9

Daisy, there are people in this world who don't think like you do

Loving this. Still committed to finding a way to be in Edinborough next August for Fringe (you hear that, Arabella ? Tell your folks to get their couch ready--hee).

Wish I were not so dragged under by the cold and dark of November, but if I am to be honest-- and god knows, I am one of those hideously annoying overly honest types-- it has hit me hard. For some reason, it pulls up such sadness, alienation and the angst about life in general.

Fret not, I am nothing if not experienced in the ways of navigating the emotional landscape of New Hampshire in November, but it sucks, nevertheless.

My thoughts are of Italy, sunshine, beaches and blue sky.


Good thing I am about to get on a plane to Portland, Oregon, right?


But even if Portland is gray-- and surely it will be-- it is full of life and art and cafes and I am going to stay at Flora's for a week and dive into her two-day painting workshop.

Talk about revival! My soul doesn't even KNOW how good it is what's coming.

I chose this song above (y'all likely already know it as I am always late to the music game) as it says so much to me about the challenges of living with an open heart. You do have to learn. You do have to understand that not everyone lives or thinks as you do-- all the more reason to celebrate when you connect with those that do. I am so grateful for the spirits who support me, so grateful for the grace that surrounds me-- that is how I embrace the cold and dark of November.

With thanks. With wide arms open of gratitude.

Bisous, E


  1. and i am grateful for you...a big hug and a slice of sunshine to use when needed. Linda

  2. Italy? Sunshine? Beaches? Blue sky? I'm in! Squam in Italy is coming, it really really is. Safe travels and enjoy every minute with your wide open heart. xo

  3. Check out my blog for some Italy, but not yet sunshine (a few more posts in the future for both together!) SMOOCH and DOUBLE-SMOOCH to you!

  4. What a perfectly beautiful song. Thank you for sharing. And what a perfectly beautiful dog. Oh, Henry. I wish I could smooch your soft face! Have a great time in Portland!


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