Saturday, November 20

in the river


Above is home yesterday morning, sun rising.

Below is home yesterday evening (almost full moon on the rise).


It's funny to me to see how sweetly, yet swiftly, an entire day passed. That's the thing about where I am now. All these mega changes that have unfolded in my life. All these transitions that have me practicing allowing, non-attachment, heightened consciousness of the beauty in each moment-- the end result is a feeling of coursing down a river.

Portland seems very far away now as yesterday was filled to the brim with richness and wonder and so much pleasure. And yet, I have hardly told you anything about Portland--- swiftly, swiftly, swiftly flowing am I.

One thing that has been such a welcome is the weather here. Full on sun and relatively mild temps. I stayed up too late last night and as a result slept in (oh so dreamily) late this morning. Yummy for me. Not so appealing to a certain pair of spoiled and needy dogs who very much want to go for a big walk um, about two hours ago.

Oh well.

Today I am gonna walk them, slide over to the Thanksgiving Market in my tiny town center which will be kind of a farmer's market/craft fair-- then this afternoon, Jen Elliot (yes, Forrest's mom and the woman who runs the Sandwich Artisan's Guild that hosted the Vision of Squam show) is coming over. Our plan is to meet fairly regularly and she is going to help me knit actual things.

You see, I can knit and purl til the cows come home, but I can't ever seem to MAKE anything. So, on the horizon for this winter are a hat, socks and possibly a shawl.

Veddy exciting-- to me, of course. (I hope that yawn you just stifled tasted like cherry pie).

I think the only way for me to capture more of all that is happening is to post more regularly-- so I hope to be able to do that-- but right now? One more slurp of coffee-- grab my jacket, pull on jeans and step into my hiking shoes--

Oh man, how much do I LOVE these hiking shoes? SO very much, it's kind of sad-- and one of the coolio bits I brought home from Portland was a kick-ass pair of shoes made in Spain-- so I think maybe I will do a comparison of these two radically different sets of footwear.

They pretty much sum up the gamut of my life right now.

Bisous, E


  1. I think floating down a river of happiness sounds divine. I can hear your contentment and your joy. It helps me slow down and enjoy my crazy life too. So, thanks.

    I only wish I had TIME to do some knitting!


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