Saturday, November 13

loving on lumber town

chez Flora

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

That's pretty much what's moving through and across my mind and heart this sweet, early morning. Arrived in Portland yesterday to a blue sky and sunshine-- um, most unexpected and most welcome. So far the weather is wide and ranging-- need lots of layers here for the warm to chilly flux-- as in most of my favorite cities.

Can we talk about inspiration?

Holy god--- and I haven't even begun to move about-- but even the smidges of what I am experiencing has me giddy with being in a city of such creative, open, healing spirits. Seriously, when you enter an airport where the first "shop" is not beer and fried food, but a sumptuous spa where you can de-stress in a soothing, serene environment--


and then from there are kiosks of fresh salads, Powell's books, fresh artisan breads.
in. the. airport.

Well, you know you're not in New Hampshire anymore.

And, let's just not even talk about the style of clothes people wear--  funky individual style meets handmade knits-- sigh. Am happy.

Spent the afternoon eating Thai food, tooling around, in Flora's studio (sweet!), more great restaurant, hardware store, co-op-- home to an uber comfy bed where I slept like the dead.

Delish. Fresh pressed coffee this morning and a honey crisp apple that tastes EXACTLY like its name-- and soon off to a day of painting and meeting new people and happiness layered with play layered with love layered with light and magic and a life that feeds my soul.


I think there will be some photos for you in the days ahead-- oh yes, I believe so.

Bisous, E


  1. So much love to you! Enjoy your trip. xoxo

  2. I sure hope so! It sounds like just what you needed! Have a great time!

  3. Have a blast- that is why I have been out here for 18. Years! sometimes I miss NH , can't wait to see more pics and hear about your workshop

  4. Sounds heavenly! Soak it in and drink it up.

  5. so happy to hear and see this....what a gift this is for YOU xoxo

  6. Oh ... so envious here :-) in good ways. I fly to the States next week, first time since '89. I'm hoping for some of the same in Fredericksburg, NYC and on Lake Eyrie.

    Anyway, enjoy. It sounds so completely exquisite!

  7. This sounds so lovely. Lovely. I can't wait to hear about your workshop. And the painting in the first photo? I WANT.

  8. portland is such a beautiful place. enjoy your time there soaking it all in.

    have miss you.


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