Wednesday, November 17


Sean Hayes, When We Fall In

My paintings are in the back of Flora's car and my camera is downstairs somewhere.
My head is here in this glorious misty morning.
My heart is still back in last night at Mississippi Studios.

No photographs to share, but oh baby-- would you like to know my soundtrack of the year ahead?

Sean Hayes.
Sean Hayes.
Sean Hayes.

I once saw the Indigo Girls perform in an outdoor amphitheater on the outskirts of Santa Fe. It was the last night of their tour and the first time either had been to New Mexico and the concert had me six inches off the ground. For the longest time, I said, that was the greatest concert of my life-- until last night.

The interior of Mississppi Studios is just the most perfect venue for listening to live music-- the people so hip, so cool, so funkified in the best understated way. The warm-up band was terrific (I bought their cd-- more on that later) and Sean Hayes just swept me into new lands. This was no bar scene with volume kicked up so high you couldn't talk or hear the music-- the musicality was on show here. Modulated-- just like the crowd. Full bar-- but also? Big water supply for free-- I know, I am getting excited about water? But this is kind of what it's like here in Portland-- just thoughtful, healthy, alternatives, simple and simply lovely.

Having lived most of my life on the East Coast, I realized I have a curtain of tension around me always ready for the sarcastic person, the sharp comment, the cool rebuff-- but Portland is just not like that. The people are, and yes I am going to generalize here, the people are incredibly OPEN AND KIND. Everyone I have had contact with in the street, in person, in shops-- even yesterday-- some rather rough looking guys were sweeping leaves out in a park I was passing by and there was a little kid with his not-so-attentive nanny and the way the cars/trees broke the view of one of the guys-- he thought the kid was mine and started shouting for me (in a helpful, hey your kid is headed the other direction way)-- trying to help me-- it doesn't sound like anything as I type it, but it was and it is indicative of the concern, the openness, the awareness to life, to the world around them I feel people are dialed into here.

And can we just talk about the clothes?

Yes, I am going to share pics of my haul. Yes I am-- but not today.

I haven't even TOLD you about meeting up with Jolie, Mona, Sarah and Jessa (of Happy Knits!) yet-- too awesome-- I will share all of that tonight-- right now gotta go shower, etc-- another wild and crazy day highlighted by a lunch with Judy Wise-- oh baby.

I keep saying to people (when they ask me how I like Portland) it's an INFUSION. I feel like I am hooked up to the best IV in the whole world and I am getting a direct INFUSION of juju.

Oh happy day.

Bisous, E


  1. O! Happy Day, indeed. Yay for new music and infusions! Oh E, you're lovely. :)

  2. you make me happy with your words, your voice and oh, can I HEAR your voice here. makes me warm and happy...oh so happy!

  3. So glad you are enjoying Portland and all the lovely people and places that are part of the experience! I found so much healing in that city, and I am so happy you are experiencing the magic, too.


  4. i think i must go there. you have painted a picture with your words that is so radiant that it is calling me to this place. and seriously, Sean Hayes, Jolie, Judy...all in one short trip? heaven on earth.

  5. It does sound absolutely heavenly. I am just smiling at your happiness!


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