Wednesday, November 10

really? this is my way?


Hmm, it seems I have a rather strange approach to getting things done.

First, I create lists on many separate pieces of paper and leave these scraps on as many surfaces, in as many rooms as possible. Apparently, variety is the key here.

Next, I studiously avoid actually DOING anything that has been carefully called out on one or ten lists. I am not sure what the purpose of writing down the task ten separate times is supposed to accomplish, but clearly, the intention is not to actually DO the errand, make the phone call, run the laundry, etc.

Once all the of the many tasks have accumulated and exceeded that happy status of 'not really a burning issue' and moved into the 'if you don't do this today your hair will spontaneously burst into flames'-- the best thing to do is:

a) crawl into bed
b) walk the dogs (again)
c) pour a bowl of cereal and walk about your apartment in a daze

Yes, kids. This is my special way of getting things done. Leave it to the last possible second and then wail and rend your garments in despair that you feel rushed, pinched and otherwise not ready.


In happier news, it seems my complaining about the dark and cold of November rattled somebody's cage up there in the weather control center and today was nothing but blue skies, sunshine and mild temps.

I even spied the last apple of the season.


Of course, in the mood I'm in-- all I see is bait for Snow White. Now what is up with that?

So much good is happening. So much good is all around me. Let's just hope I can get some clothes into a bag by 10 am tomorrow-- cause right now? I am headed to bed.

Bisous, E


  1. haha...this made me giggle because I see so much of myself in this. I love to have my lists spread out on a million different scraps of paper, right where I can't find them. Months later, I'll find a scrap of paper with some scribbling on it and realise I didn't do any of the things on it. I reckon I have my blog post ideas list spread over at least 6 notebooks right now!

  2. For me November, even when it's sunny and mild, is dreary dreay dreay. As a friend says: November is the liver of months.


  3. I recognise this technique ... :-) I don't seem to be able to change my ways though.

  4. Oh boy can I relate to cramming at the deadline hour with the to do list, just like with school.. homework done at the last minute.. studying for tests the morning of the test.. ;-)

  5. There's something soothing about lists :)

  6. oh boy am i grinning from ear to ear that you are still writing and that i found you!
    i think of you everyday you know and hope you are wonderfully well ; )
    safe travels and have FUN!!
    if we worry about the to do lists and what needs to get done are we really enjoying life and the beauty around us?
    love you SO much. xoxo and smiles~ jill

  7. dude, thank you for revealing your "way", cuz it's scarily similar to mine, but i can't really tell anyone... so, i keep looking busy!!

  8. I think there is some sort of mutated gene out there. I have got it too. NOTHING would get done if it wasn't for the very last minute! Still snickering about the Snow White bait, HA!

  9. me, too! the lists on post-its stuck to the kitchen cabinet doors. making me crazier when i look at them. so i don't look at them. but they're there! i take them down before people come over. don't want anyone to know! but now you know! scarily close to insanity sisters, unite! xh

  10. sounds so much like me & all of a sudden i feel less lonely ! :)

    glad you found me because i'm going to be so so inspired by your crazy beautiful photos & learn so much reading you


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