Sunday, November 21

snap crackle pop

On Wednesday, I had lunch with Judy Wise which was SUCH a treat. Not only did she take me to a faboo Cuban restaurant whose colors and food was so richly vibrant I told her if ever there was a "judy wise restaurant" this would definitely be it-- but we also shared a warm and deep conversation that will stay with me always.

One gift Judy gave to me that I took straight into my heart---> she was talking about the photographs on my blog and said "it's what you point your camera at, it's what you see, that's so precious to me."

Wow, right?

That's the thing about Judy, she makes you feel so good about yourself-- she really does.

And right now? Man, I am feeling so damn good.
Like there's so much beauty and so many fun things to do calling me from the moment I wake up I can hardly begin to take it all in. I'm like one of those crazy game show contestants with three minutes to fill a shopping cart in a massive grocery store.

And, of course-- the thing is, I KNOW it isn't always like this.

I know (only too well) that the spiral turns and turns and this is merely one curve on its infinite circle.   I know that emptiness, disappointment, despair and that whole bag of tricks is not gone from my life--- but right now? It surely is.

The photos I am posting here were all taken on our walk yesterday.

The weather has been oh so lovely-- a marvelous surprise. Usually, this time of year is all about the dark and the dark and the dark and the cold, but not this weekend.

Also, I think I am so keen on beauty and light because of what I am reading these days:
Beauty by John O'Donahue and Swan by Mary Oliver.

Add in a soundtrack from Sean Hayes and no wonder I'm tripping the light fantastic.


I think I have told you about the field of wishes, yes? Acres and acres (um, yes, otherwise known as a meadow) of milkweed, which is only one of the most sacred plants in my little world.


This morning I played at the pond with the kids next door-- the kind of play that you don't even know the hours have passed until suddenly you realize you can't see your hands because it has gotten dark--honestly, if I didn't have to get to the dump before it closed, I would've been there all day.


But the big excitement is that I am setting up a studio in my apartment.

A serious, kick-ass studio that is blowing my heart open wide.  Woot to the double woot.

I will definitely share photos of that killa project--- but right now, time to get the girl and boy out for a righteous jaunt. They need to run and run til then can run no more.

HENRY: Running sounds a bit vigorous, don't you think? I suggest more of a leisurely stroll.

Leisurely stroll it is.

Bisous, E


  1. Judy is right on the money, honey - i love your photos - pics 1 and 4 especially today. such beauty you see and share, we are so lucky xo

  2. love the way you share your world. woot to the double woot.. love it!

  3. I am thirding the photo compliment. I love to see through your lens, you share such beauty. I also can't wait to see your new studio! And, I hope you stay on this curve for a long, long while. Joy and happiness are lovely companions.

  4. the photographs are stunning. mind blowing stunning! i adore them. And that judy wise, she is amazing. how wonderful that you got to spend some time with her. sending you love. can't wait to see photos of the studio space.

  5. Things are really coming together for you. About time and yes, woot!

    - Jazz

  6. my great-grandmother used to call milkweed "wish weed." According to her, you hold a feathery wisp in your hand, then blow it to the world...if you finish your wish before it lands, then your wish will come true...sounds like you've been blowing hard & wishing fast, my queen!

  7. love, your photos are SO beauty-full (as are you). can't wait to see the studio come to life. xo

  8. judy for sure has a way of making someone feel incredibly special. the truth is you are and always have been. i too love these pictures and your words.
    love you sweetie!
    xo and smiles~ jill

  9. i am right there with you - happy and excited about life and yes, I know it's not always going to be like this but for NOW, I am enjoying it :) Amen to you and me. xoxoxo

  10. Love your pics as well, and miss the milkweeds..........

  11. ohhh milkweed. reminds me of sweet days spent in the fields near my house growing up--hours and hours lost in time with children seems like the perfect way to spend the day. (and i totally can't wait to come get lost in your studio one day!) happy thanksgiving, beautiful radiant E! so grateful for your joy...


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e