Sunday, November 14



Yesterday was an immersion. I have very few photographs because I only snapped some just as the day began. Once the workshops was underway, I couldn't even have told you my name, let alone emerge from my sub-conscious to think about observing and recording.

I was IN it.

above is Carrie setting up the tea station

I knew the class was going to be extraordinary because I had witnessed Flora's class back in September at Squam, but knowing and being are two totally different things. Flora has a wealth of technique that is uniquely hers, as well as a philosophy and approach to making art that has a transformative effect on her students. Seriously, that's what it's like.


My little workstation was here (in photo below). This is what it looked like before I had paint pouring down the walls making puddles on the rags below.

Say hello to my new best friend: the spray bottle.


Of course, there are so many elements to why it's such an incredible experience to take a workshop not the least are the people who gather. This group is no exception.

The conversations are easy and flowing, the connections true with lots of "me, too!" moments all over the place. At one point, a lovely woman named Mary just walked up to me and gave me the warmest, sweetest hug and said, "I'm so glad you're here."

*sniff* Talk amongst yourseles for a moment, m'kay?

After the workshop, Flora and I went to this coolio place called The Kenedy School where we soaked out doors in a beautiful pool-- hot and steamy, surrounded by palms, but not a hot tub-- actually a small swimming pool.  Wild.  And exactly what both of us needed.  Soft lights in the pool turned the water blue-green.  Soft lights in the trees gave a magical feel to the night.  Dreamy and the perfect way to relax, revive and transition after a very intense day of art and emotion.

And now?  Another full day ahead-- I am truly open to whatever comes in terms of where my paintings go.  I have already learned REAMS of information and technique I will be taking home to my studio to practice, play, practice and play all winter long, but I am curious to know what I will find today.

And, oddly, curious feels really good.


Bisous, E


  1. you're the second one of my long-time blogging friends from back east to have visited the Kennedy School in the last week. rather surreal to read, since it feels like my worlds colliding (given that it was an old haunt 10+ years ago). :) SO glad you're having such a great time in PDX. xo

  2. Oh thanks for sharing this, so nice to have a peek into Flora's creative space and process. Such a gorgeous space. Hope to see what you created!!

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhh wow.
    i'm not even a fan of workshops, but this has shed a whole new lite on the scene.

  4. lucky you! and enjoy portland. one of the best places on earth. xh

  5. I've been thinking of you being there: so cool! I love that you sound so inspired and relaxed at the same time!

  6. ya!!! so so excited for you and loving that you're sharing with us!

  7. The colors alone inspire don't they? So glad you are sharing this with us...


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