Monday, December 20

dashing through the post


We have had seven straight days of full on sunshine and I have soaked in every drop.
(Good thing, seeing as today is overcast and I'm guessing snow is on its way).

The photo above was taken Saturday morning when I was out foraging for birch bark.  Yes!  The excitement never ends!  Basically, nothing starts a fire like dry sheafs of birch bark and there is no lazier firestarter than me.  So, I generally have a bag with me that I fill as we wander over hill and dale. 

And that's what I was looking for when I came upon this wild bit of undergrowth.

The reason I stopped in the first place was the sun was pouring out from behind this tree and I thought to take a picture-- but the photo wasn't anything-- see below:

No big deal.  Lots of times I can't capture what it is I am seeing-- but then, look to the bottom right of the photo.  Do you see that crazy swirl of weeds? 

I know-- the kind of thing I would march on by and not even notice-- but when I stopped and focused in-- hell if it wasn't wild with color.


Today, I am flying about.  My niece Lauren-- yes, she of the interior magic-- is coming up for a few days.  Not sure what we will actually do-- perhaps some cookie baking, rice krispie treat shaping, surely some painting and rearranging, dog walking (obvs), maybe some ny's card making?  Either way, it's gonna be good.

My world has been pretty much consumed with getting the 2011 SAW website loaded for launch-- and I snapped this photo of my desk last night and honestly, I don't even know what the hell is all over it except the box that says "shoe trees" is filled with knitting needles from my mom. 

Yeah, Lauren can't get here a moment too soon-- I need some serious organizational mojo.


So-- yes, I promised you the story of the big move-- and I am totally going to post about it-- but I can't this morning because my head is not in the game.  But I will-- pinky swear.  Meantime, enjoy the blue and whites of winter!


Bisous, E


  1. Enjoy the time with your niece. I hope she infuses you with some great organizational and creative mojo. Love the light in your tree photo but the first thing I thought of when I saw your crazy swirl of weeds I thought they looked light little shrimp. Go figure.

  2. There is something so magical about blue and white.. I love that color combo..
    Those weedies look like shrimp skins to me ;-)


  3. oooh that 3rd photo. Mmmm...I made rice krispie holly bars yesterday. Just when you thought rice krispie treats couldn't get any better? You add green food coloring to the marshmallows and then when you've put them together, in the pan, and patted them flat, SPRINKLE CINNAMON RED HOTS over the top. MERRY! indeed :)

  4. could you send your niece here when she's done with you ??? and that wooded area....i'm sure fairies are living careful where you walk:)

  5. sending you love as you soak in the winters blues and whites as well. xoxo


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