Friday, December 17

Martha Stewart only wishes she knew Thea Coughlin

Thea and Elizabeth
Thea + me                                            photo by Christine Chitnis

Um, we interrupt the usual scribbling and snapshot posting to say, HOLY HELL--- did you see the photos Thea just posted?

So, okay-- full disclosure?  Thea was my roomie at both June and September SAW and if she weren't already happily married I would totally run away with her. 

But seriously?  Could y'all be sure to leave a comment and tell her she could be shooting magazine and book interiors -- she is that amazing?

Honestly.  I live here-- and I can tell you I could not take those photographs if I tried from morning til night.  The woman is gifted.

And?  I think she's in love with me.  Shhhhhh, don't tell her husband.

Bisous, E


  1. be still my heart...

    two of my favorites muses..


  2. Oh yes you could take photos like that! CONFIDENCE!!!!!!

  3. I am in love with you darling.

  4. her photos of your place really were absolutely beautiful.....
    hugs to you.....

  5. thea thea thea... she's amazing isn't she!!!? how lucky are we to have her in our lives! i'm SO lucky & thankful i got her for my book... she's so freakin' talented!
    i LOVE these pics of your house! is that the french countryside? sigh... seems like it to me! : )

  6. That thea is one amazing women. The photos she took of your place are stunning! Thank you for sharing with us here. xoxo


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