Sunday, December 26

more light, more love


I remember one time this guy (who had spent his whole professional and academic life studying religion) was asked if there was a unifying truth under it all and he replied, "everyone just wants to be forgiven."

This didn't make a whole lot of sense to me at the time.  Up until then, I had led a life rather sheltered from tragedy and pain (other than, you know, all of my headcase wonder), so the concept of forgiveness-- including forgiving oneself, was simply alien to me.  I didn't get it.

Now, alas, I do.


To be human is to make one mistake after another-- and, more often than not, these errors of judgment, of timing, of ignorance end up causing pain or suffering to another. There's really no way around it.  This is one aspect of being human.

And, it sucks.


Thank god for love, right?

Love and compassion (and people who can make us laugh)-- that's what gets us through.  Helps us to forgive one another and to forgive ourselves for all the ways in which we fail, for all the ways in which we fall short, in all the ways in which we are not perfect.


So, here's my wish for you.

May there be more love, more light, more forgiveness all around you.
May you know peace.  May it fill your heart.


Bisous, E

P.S.  There is no snow here (yet).  That last photo was taken a couple of winters ago-- all the rest of the shots were snapped driving home Friday afternoon.


  1. Oh, Liz... I'm just catching up with you here ~as you wish for me, I wish the same for you~

    Providence?! It sounds fantastic and more importantly, it feels right for you. I'm so happy for you, like really feeling a lot of light coming your way. I gots an intuitive side, ya know ;) Good stuff on the horizon.
    xxoo B

    *One day, I'll tell you a story about a cute boy I met from Providence...

  2. Yes...I think your friend has the right idea. Forgiveness is so key, because we do all fail each other and hurt each other, even when we have the best of intentions. Being human is well, being human. We tend to screw up a lot; we're all just learning.

    No one is perfect.

    But love is always perfect, I think, because it's never wrong to love. And love and peace (oops, I just typed peach, so also a bushel of peaches if you like them!) is what I always send to you, my dear friend who blessed me in so many unnumerable ways. xoxo

  3. Thank you Elizabeth. Just know that you bring so much light into my life. Your words and your photos and the sharing of your life all touch my life and somehow make me strive to be better. I wish for you to have the same in your life... xo

  4. Such wonderful insight. Sounds like you had some "ah ha" moments this holiday?

    In Adlerian Psychology there is a saying "we strive to be imperfect", because that is all we can do. You are right, we are flawed as humans go. To open up ones heart in order to forgive or feel compassion for ones self or another is to give up fear. Fear, as my mother use to tell me, "was the gift that kept on giving". Fear keeps is frozen in place, compassion and love are the softer elements that melt fear. That is why being conscious of others, and our own, humanness, is so important. It so easy to feel hurt, get angry, hold grudges, or be offended by others. It's hard to give up those ego feelings to feel love and compassion, and to forgive. If we tread lightly in our life, and are purposeful and mindful in our intention to feel love and compassion, and to forgive, we will keep our hearts open to wonderful possibilities; it sounds like you have discovered this on your own personal journey.

    Peace and love and lightness to you in this new year Elizabeth.

  5. Such gorgeous photos and sentiments. Love you xo

  6. Forgiveness is what it's about. Being willing to forgive, and also being willing to ask for forgiveness - of ourselves and of others...

    It's both that simple and that difficult.

    - Jazz

  7. and may you be surrounded with forgiveness and compassion for self and others also.

    It almost hurts more to hurt someone else then to be hurt, does that make sense?

    sending you virtual hugs today and a pet for the pooches..

    Karen D

  8. Wishing you all the same, E!!!
    (Tall redhead from September Squam)

  9. How have you escaped all the snow?! Also, perfect, schmerfect. Perfect is boring. YOU are not. I prefer you so.

  10. elizabeth I am going to have to come back here often to read these words and let them really sink in. so much wisdom.

    And I know I have said it before but your photographs blow me away. so stunning. xoxo


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