Friday, December 3

seriously, must we anthropomorphize the oak leaf?


We all know I am a very dreamy girl. My mind, she loves nothing better than drifting, lolling, spiraling and floating about.

Of late, there has been much with the drowsy fabulist spinning out new visions, new ideas. Lots of travel will do that to me, as will long walks through endless meadows.


This is a perfectly good activity for when I am focused on being and not doing, flowing not driving. And yet (you knew there was a yet coming), I would very much like to see some projects take shape already. And these projects would be things I would need to focus my energy and attention on in order to bring them into being--
we are not so much with the waving of the magic wand over here, alas.


But I admit to feeling a wee bit like this red oak leaf-- rather cozily ensconced in the silvery net of my dream world.


RED OAK LEAF: Why yes, I'd love to get up and help you be more productive,
but as you can see I've got a whole lotta ice here on my belly.


Lucky for me, the weekend stretches out most sweetly. Perhaps a visit to the local holiday craft fair, perhaps a wild burst of creative mojo, perhaps sinking ever more deeply into this luxury of unstructured time-- ah yes, let's go with number three.

Bisous, E


  1. Sounds like you are in the midst of some creative percolating. BTW, I always mean to comment on your photos, they are lovely. Will you share what type of camera you use?

  2. i just love the your photos, elizabeth!!
    enjoy the art fair. i would love to go put so many things going on here.

    much love, xo and smiles~ jill

  3. My goodness, look at all that beauty you're surrounded by! In fact, I may get nothing done now because I'm busy staring at your lovely photos...

  4. so damn easy to be that red oak leaf! and gosh, these photos are blowing me away. i'm definitely stealing away to NH soon just to trail behind you as you take them. your world is so beautiful.

  5. so in love with your photos and especially # 3 and 4 are making go back again and again to gaze at them :) Thank you! beauty....

  6. gorgeous images and lady love I so hear you...and love you.xoxo


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