Thursday, December 16



If I were a real blogger, there would be a video here for you-- maybe a Vimeo or YouTube-- and the background music would be the theme song from Wonder Woman, or perhaps Rocky.  In the video, I would be dancing at the camera doing a "POW- POW" with my fists which would be encased in giant, white mittens with blue snowflakes stitched on top. 

It's likely that the dogs would also be featured (as unbeknownst to you all, Daisy and Henry both LOVE to dance.  Seriously.)


Alas, as you all know, I am merely a hack in the blogging world and there is no mitten video here for you filled with wild, dance moves inspired by my recent viewing of This Is It (which can we just say that in my next life I TOTALLY want to be a back-up dancer-- I really, really do).  Instead, I will simply post a dumb as a sack of rocks photo of the mittens that--holy HELL, people!  Really?  You want to see the mittens?  I could not be more surprised by the comment requests-- you do realize that the reason I didn't take a photo of them in the first place is because they are, doh-- mittens.

The fact that they fill me with such happiness is despite the fact that there is nothing to see here.  Nothing at all.  That was my point. 

But far be it for me to deny you sweet love bunnies anything you ask for-- honestly, I'm totally your bitch.  I was reading recently how women are incredibly sensitive to criticism.  Tell a woman 'that blue dress doesn't flatter' and damn, if it isn't doused in gasoline and torched before sunrise--at the very least, she'll never wear it again.  (Apparently, according to this gender expert anyway, men do not respond to criticism . . at least not at all the same way as women do.  There!  A giant generalization rife for debate---> shout amongst yourselves!)

And so I was thinking, on the contrary-- slather a girl's head with positive reinforcement and watch her confidence grow.  Point in case--->me.

Aside from the interest in the mittens (which, hello-- y'all are weird about that), the number of emails I have received lately saying the absolute most heart-warming (heart-EXPANDING) things about the photos I am sharing here has had the most wonderful effect on my confidence.

(NOTE to self:  you definitely respond best to love-- avoid mean people).


One thing I will really miss* about roaming across this extraordinary landscape aside from the fields, the meadows, the stone walls, the multitude of streams, the pond, the hills, the light--oh my god the LIGHT--the trees and the flowers, of course-- is the funny little buildings everywhere.

This is an old family estate and there are wee lodges and cabins and all manner of funky, creative wonder tucked in odd places, here and there.


*Did I fail to mention that I am moving?  That I had an "aha" moment and now know where my next home will be and that plans are now underway to secure a most frabjous apartment in said charming city? 

Oops, my bad-- I probably got distracted by trying to get a photo of those damn mittens, you know?


I promise to share more deets on all that in the next post--

Meantime, HAPPIEST birthday wishes (a day late but I was totally thinking of you yesterday) to SAMBELINA!!

Bisous, E


  1. As usual, Ms. E, your photos are stunning and your words, captivating. You ARE Wonder Woman-- and your mittens--killer! xoxo

  2. Love, love, love the photos! I sorta missed (during the transition) how you ended up on that lovely piece of wonderous land, but am going to hazard a guess and say that you'll be moving to Boston? The charming city? But, wait, that won't work, what about the pooches? Hmmm, maybe a smaller, charming city.

    - Vespa Rossa

  3. moving??? before i sneak up and knock on your door and get a chance to visit the Eden you currently live in (well, except for the cold as a witch's tit part, but otherwise otherworldly.) DAMN it all to hell. Now I have to move faster on said sneaking plan. Leave the light on for me.....

  4. I love mittens, they're so toasty warm. I especially love my striped sage/sand/pink/merlot mittens, but yours, my lovely are a close second.

    Wherever you go, I hope it'll be warm enough for your mittens.

    Are you moving to Portland? You seemed so smitten.

  5. I'm definitely loving your photos ~ I see you growing & expanding there, girl.. and I love it.
    LOVE it!!
    I have this feeling your headed west .. but you and I both know how OFF my instincts could be! Hope all is well. Miss u. xo

  6. Photos are stunning. love the mittens. oh and moving??? where oh where are you going to lay your pretty little head my dear?

  7. Oh! But thank you for my birthday wishes. Knowing you were sending your magic my way explains why my day was so dang good.

    You are too funny. The mittens are so lovely and now I will think that mittens are awesome, just because you have a pair. And moving? To a city? But you seem like such a happy country mouse, except for the times when the Internet fails you. I am ready for the next installment of your fascinating life, and wishing that a magic wand would give me a few hours with you, again!

  8. love the mittens! where do i sign the lease? not to rush you....

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  10. Diggin the mitts.. just had to see them since you described them so beautifully. And I love all the pics you are right about the light, it is always so great in the pics.
    Can't wait to see where your adventures are taking you next.. and count down to the first Monday to Jan is on!

    Karen D (deldino)

  11. The mittens look warm and comfortable and easy to have around...sounds like someone else I know, huh?

    I'm excited to hear more about your moving adventure. I'm hoping it's to Utah, but one can't be that lucky, right?


  12. Are you moving to the upper northwest? Hmmm I think you should have a contest with said mittens as the reward, OK maybe not those mittens but ones like them. I live in Minnesota and mittens are actually a necessary ornamentation, and any women worth her fashion sense has a collection of them, along with matching scarfs. I have about eight pairs of varying colors and styles to coordinate with different outerwear. I know it's crazy. Love your pictures, I want to live in them. I hope you take your pictures to the next level. Publishing them into your next book, maybe?

  13. your photos are so gorgeous love!
    I just posted about your yumminess on my blog

  14. Such a gorgeous feast of photos! I loved reading this and am looking forward to hearing about the next chapter, you amazing wonder-woman, you xxx

  15. Your photos take my breath away. I could stare at them for hours. Beautiful Elizabeth...beautiful.

    What is this talk about moving? I cannot wait to hear what your next adventure will be and where it will land you. Sending you lot of love.


  16. I just got used to finding your place without my cheatsheet :-( Hope you won't be going to far away. I just got you back into my life.


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