Wednesday, December 29

the staycation


So, the big plan was that I would be in Montreal tonight through Monday (or Tuesday, depending on just how hard it was going to be to leave Jeanine).

Alack and alas-- my beloved Canadian cousine has been felled by that vicious stomach virus that has cut so many people off at the knees this past week and, much as I would want to go and nurse her back to health, sometimes the best thing a friend can do is stay far, far away.

So, I shifted gears and thought, okay-- then off to Manhattan I go!

Um, oops--- yeah, thanks to Cal sending me a sweet, rather understated email (in her sweet, ever understated way) that read something like ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKING MIND-- BUSSES AND AMBULANCES ARE STILL BURIED IN THE STREET, WOMAN!  I don't think the email read exactly like that, but seeing as I have no tv, never listen to the radio-- I had no idea-- but when I saw this I reconsidered my plans, yet again.

After surfing the net on Bermuda, St. John, Miami and a zillion other places I'm not going to see this New Year's Eve-- I finally just gave in to the universe's plan for me which is to stay put on the farm.

that little dark ball in the field on the right there is Daisy 
trying to dig the ice and snow out of her paws

Yeah, I hear you-- there are worse places to be, sure.

We've got blue sky, full on sunshine and a lovely white coat of snow. The apartment is beyond toasty warm and my new studio beckons. No question that this wasn't a hard decision-- it's just that I was really keen to mix it up with other human beings, you know? But oh well-- far be it for me to mess with the universe's intention.

So, my little staycation is going to be shaped around a three-day bootcamp with Mr. Baptiste, dogs are going to spend the next five days with Dave as planned so I can keep crazy hours and not have to do my downward facing dogs over Daisy's upward facing mug.


Today, I'm going to head down to the BIG CITY (otherwise known as Concord) and do some art store strolling and antique shop browsing. Gonna stop in and see this movie (because it will never play up here in the boonies). Maybe get a manicure and pedicure? You know me-- the wild times never stop.

Back home, it seems possible that I am going to be doing some serious, undistracted, uninterrupted writing and painting (yes, apparently this is what the universe is demanding).

AND--! I am most definitely going to be making and sending some New Year's cards-- so, if you would like one-- simply email me your snail mail address and there will be one in your mailbox sometime in 2011. (My email is: elizabeth AT squamartworkshops DOT com).

And, that's about as far as I can see right now.


The really good news is that all that angst of my previous post was lifted Sunday afternoon around 4pm when Cuan was found and returned to her loving family.

Yes, the back story there is that on Friday night (you know, CHRISTMAS EVE) Ollie took Cuan up into the mountains. He came back an hour later, but Cuan did not return.

You are all such savvy readers that I don't think I have to fill in between the lines here, but allow me to emphasize that on Christmas Eve a family was in full on distress because their young dog was out in the woods because MY dog had taken her on a runabout. And then, Christmas morning, she was still not back. And then, Sunday morning-- STILL. NOT. BACK.

Yes, you can see where I am going here with the sweetest neighbors and two darling kids who have been nothing but kind and helpful to me since I moved in and my negligence with my dog ruined their Christmas.

Yeah-- you can see how some forgiveness was sorely needed.

But thank heavens for the angels above. Cuan was found and returned and we celebrated Sunday night an enormous relief.

Oliver is now banned from the farm (my doing, not theirs). He simply is too wild and too keen to run off and I can't handle the stress. So there it is.

photo above taken this morning

I think we're all up to date now-- have a fabulous day wherever you are.

Bisous, E


  1. Looks like the view from there shows a fabulous place to have a Staycation. I also can't wait to see that movie, wating patiently for it to be released more locally.
    We are still digging out a bit here in NJ also, I think we had close to 2 feet!
    Wishing you a New Years filled with all that you wish for!

    Karen D

  2. Oh, my goodness. I am so glad they got their puppy back. Oli, he is a wild man, isn't he?

    A staycation sounds lovely. Although I am sorry to hear that Jeanine has the flu. I hate that. And, I am sure you are disappointed about missing that time with her. I hope that you are able to reschedule.

    Your photos of the endless sky are gorgeous!

  3. Your staycation sounds lovely. The staycations I've taken in the past few years always end up being times of healing, peace and calm. I hope yours is the same (with a wild mani-pedI thrown in to keep it fresh!).

    Much love and happy new years wishes!

  4. Sometimes the universe just wants you to stay put, obviously. :)

  5. Happy New Year ~ Happy Staycation.
    Lets figure out a way to see this one together?

  6. Enjoy your stay cation. The photos are lovely as usual. We are finally getting sunshine and cold temps for portland .


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