Thursday, December 30

this moment


Right now, in this exact moment, I feel so good.

I have no idea if I will feel like this tomorrow-- or what 2011 will bring-- but I had to share this with you all because HELLO!-- who knew there were so many of you reading!? I am DELIGHTED to be making New Year's cards and sending them out to you all and must admit that I am beyond surprised to see your names popping up in my email box-- a total treat-- and definitely one most exciting component of this beautiful morning.

**FYI, I feel compelled to say to all of you who have already blessed me with cards and gifts no need to send me an email as you will definitely be receiving a card from me-- AND, to all of you who lovingly signed up for those NY's cards I, ahem, never sent oh-- I don't know-- in 2009? 2008? (I'm looking at you especially, Bella)-- I am going to make good. Pinky swear.**

But this MORNING-- oh, you guys! The sun is POURING in-- it is full out blue sky, blasting sunshine-- the snow sparkling and glittering. And then, I had totally forgotten about a wee prezzie I had gifted myself with to have the apartment cleaned while I was away so that I came home to a fresh clean space for the New Year. Well, the two fab women* showed up (surprised to see me, too) and their energy, plus the sunshine, plus god knows what--and I blasted on the office clean-up/purge that had been building since September.

(*NOTE: DOUBLE DIGRESSION AHEAD: I LOVE these women-- they leave me little notes about how much they love the apartment-- or today, one of them was missing that the dogs aren't here and telling me how much she loves Henry, sigh. Nothing like big, kind hearts to make me feel like the world is a good place to be-- which is really needed since I had Nazis chasing me in my dream last night-- awful, big round-up, inescapable like I used to have all the time and haven't in SOooo long, thank god-- but in the movie yesterday-- there were some clips of Hitler and the crowds and it clearly triggered my sub-conscious, blah. Movie wasn't great, btw. The popcorn, however, was superb!)

Yes, lo and behold I found the missing charger for RDC's walkie-talkie that had gotten buried in some tub full of fair guff. (Oops, sorry about that! Um, here you go-- allow me to return this to you, um 13 weeks later!) But I powered through ALL of it, June, September, by the sea-- and now everything is in super orgo order and man, so much easier to dance when there's floor space, you know?

And dancing I am--


I know I have rather the high/low energy flow. Either life feels fantastic or it is a biting sandstorm in the face-- but I can't seem to change that despite my best efforts. I feel things so intensely. I just do.

And right now? Bliss. Full on deep, sweet satisfaction and happiness.

May you know the same-- to your TOES. To your toes.


Bisous, E


  1. i love coming to your blog, E - your words and photos always make me feel better. and today your energy is DELICIOUS! love you xo

  2. Ditto, what Susannah said. DELICIOUS, I'm taking a bite and putting it in my pocket as my energy is on the low end of the spectrum for now. Ebb back up it will, though. Always does. xo xo

  3. Love, love, love the photos. I know you are blanketed in snow almost all season, but it sounds so delightful to this girl in the South. And your photos make it even more appealing.

  4. Elizabeth. Oh, how I needed this post. I have been feeling crappy and lazy and yucky, and UNmotivated. But this. THIS MIGHT make my ass get in gear. I have one week until I am back at work. Laundry. Closets. Kids rooms. DANCE? I am totally coming back to read this the morning. I just finished my book, so I don't have an excuse! Thank you!

  5. You make me just SING with happiness. Suspect you have a million cards to send already but just know this: LOVE you and have no doubt you will be having the most wonderful year EVER. XO!

  6. ~Love~ Happy, Happy New Year to you. xo

  7. Love seeing the frosty window sparkles. I'm excited for 2011, happy new year my dear BP!


  8. doesn't a certain ms bp owe us details of an upcoming MOVE?

  9. That first photo took my breath away!! Truly. And as Liz said, I bet you have at least a million cards to send. You are grace and verve and truth. xoxox!

  10. oh e. your happiness is my happiness. how illness got in the way of me seeing you is a mystery. but i would have been a horrible hostess, having only started to recover last night. and even then... it's taking a while to get back to my old self. but i look forward to seeing you in the new year for massages and lunch at aux vivres and wine in some quaint little bistro in the old port. until then... wishing you a very happy new year and sending loads of love your way. thank you for all the loving kindness and inspiration... always. xo

  11. so I was about to comment on the post after this when I was scrolling down to hit comment and I saw that beautiful picture at the begging of this post. It took my breathe away. I had to just keep scrolling and take in more of it. stunning photographs dear liz. And that quote "tell the story you want to live and you will live it" I need to to say it over and over so that it sinks into my heart. beautiful!

    Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your photos and your words. I just love stopping by year. Sending you lots of love. xoxo

  12. i just want to live in the light of these pictures.

  13. This space is wonderful to visit, the highs and lows and all between.. love the frost pics and everything looks so sparkly.. my energy flows the same, high and then low .. trying to embrace it over here... hmmm... I think EMBRACE will be my word for 2011, it has finally found me!

    Karen D

  14. oh goodness, that first photo is so out of this world. beautiful.


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