Tuesday, December 14

this morning


Yesterday, I bought a pair of mittens that are rocking my world.

(And you wonder why people flee this site, holding their burning eyes and screaming, "the boredom, the boredom!"-- sort of like the end of Heart of Darkness' the horror, the horror but, you know, less exciting).


I wasn't even looking for mittens or remotely aware that I needed them-- you know how it goes. You're in one of those fabulous old New England general stores where each aisle you trundle down reveals more crazy stuff-- wood-handled cheese graters next to wrought iron door handles next to beeswax candles next to copper tea strainers next to oven mitts shaped like squid.

My reason for running in there was to gather up some holiday gift-y goodies-- seeing as they have THE wall of candy like I imagine exists in jolly old England or some such.

Seriously, the candy wall merits its own photo gallery.

Anyway-- there I was, hands full of giant peppermint puffs and little jars of maple sugar, when I come upon a basket of fleece-lined, prettily hand-knit mittens.

Now, I don't know about you, but mittens do not interest me. For me, they are decidedly old-fashioned (in the not good way), dull, not sexy, not hip.

I am a glove girl, more specifically, fingerless glove girl all the way. However, as the temperatures drop and I spend more time outdoors, bare-handed trying to finagle a particular glimpse from the camera-- my fingers, they swiftly become difficult to move as in, they freeze. And when I jam them back into my gloves-- each frozen digit relegated to its own channel, sadly separated from their other four pals who might offer warmth and comfort, they remain cold and unwieldy as a fistful of Mrs. Van de Kamps fish sticks.


And yet, it never occurred to me to seek out the solution: the dreaded, make-your-hands-look-like-paws, mitten.

But there I was, arms full gazing down at these fluffy white wonders, that had traveled all the way from the wild, oxygen-challenged peaks of the Himalayas to my little corner in the hills of New Hampshire-- and I found myself unable to resist trying one on.

Though, truth be known, in my head the thought was, "don't waste your time, you know they won't feel right. Mittens suck."

Ha. More wrong I could not be.

These babies had fleece lining and once ensconced in their nurturing warmth, my hands broke out in a version of Alleluia that Handel has never heard.


They make me so happy I am really tempted to put them under my pillow at night.

Crazy, right?

But, you know how people talk about something giving them superpowers?

People-- I think I found my source of superpower-- no lie, white mohair mittens with pale blue snowflakes stitched on top.



  1. Now take a piece of yarn or ribbon and cut it the length of your two sleeves plus the width of the back of your coat and a little extra. Sew or safety-pin one mitten to each end and then push them through your coat sleeves so they each dangle from a sleeve. Now you will never lose them as long as you don't lose your coat! Please post a photo of these wonder mits.

  2. Now, come on!!! You HAVE to post a picture of the wonder-mittens!

  3. What? No picture?

    I am so glad you have warm, toasty hands! I rather avoid mittens as well but now I will rethink them...keep staying warm, my favorite you.

  4. I just have to say that your photos just fill me up with light. Warm hands, warm heart!

  5. Ummm all that build up and no picture of the magical mittens? *stomps feet and sticks out lip*

  6. I was thinking the same things Brandi, need to see those mittens.. I always loved fingerless gloves but sometimes a hand just needs to be fully enveloped in companionable warmth with all digits touching, gorgeous pics.

    Karen D

  7. WE WANT TO SEE THE MITTENS! she said in a Monty Python accent.

  8. Mitten picture please..... Hmm peppermint puffs ..was it the moultonbough country store? I love getting lost in there. Love your pictures. They keep me grounded and no running from your blog. Keep warm!

  9. Being a northern girl from the land of perpetual cold, I LOVE mittens! Welcome to the darkside - where fingers are warm ;)

    And yes, picture please!

  10. so where is pic of said superhero mittens?

    We need to see!

  11. Too funny I also bought a pair from the MCS on Sunday & love them to bits!!!! Number 3 got a peppermint puffball!

  12. OK, I am with all those who want to see the mittens. As I was reading your post I couldn't wait to see them, surely she would post them, no? BTW I want to live in your photos, especially the top one. Lovely.


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