Friday, December 31

when in rome

squam lake, december 30, 2010

But I am not in Rome. I am no where near Rome. In fact, in one of life's ironies, I am typing to you from the kitchen at Soliden while Dave is down in Boston. Yes, if I had ever climbed aboard one of those rides at Disneyland where you get flipped upside down and then whirled around before you are spit out on the sidewalk, I would compare the past few days to that. But I have never been to Disneyland and I don't do rides to make me throw up.

Why would I do rides to make me throw up when life seems to be swinging me around by my ankles just fine as it is?


Henry: Hey. Stop whining.


Daisy: Yeah, seriously. Put a lid on it.

Ollie: Please note that there is one dog who is behaving in an extremely civilized fashion whilst the other two lazy and spoiled creatures give you lip.


Daisy: Dude, nobody listens to a dog on a leash, m'kay? It's like you're double neutered.

Henry: Maybe she'll give us an extra treat tonight cause it's New Year's eve. A soup bone would be nice, or maybe some chicken skin. Ummm, chicken skin.


Ollie: I'm double neutered? God, that sucks.

Henry: Hey-- you, yes, you reading there. Got any chicken skin?

So, thanks to the brombies for keeping it real and reminding me of how good I have it. If it were any other day, I'd be all-- hey! what a great day! But somehow, because it is, you know, New Year's Eve I'm supposed to feel badly that I'm enjoying an ordinary (if unexpected turn of events) kind of day.

What is it about expectations? And, is New Year's truly a more special day than any other day of the year? I think it can be. Alas, for me, New Year's Eve 2010 is most quotidian. I spent the afternoon helping my niece with her graduate school essays and took the dogs down to RDC to walk out to the lake. My eyes are tired from all the editing and all the excitement ahead is a beer and some kind of movie.

The good news is, the bar is set really low for 2011 and what better way to enter a new experience than with low (or no) expectations, right?


Daisy: Oh for crying out loud, just say it already, would you? Happy New Year!

But wait, there was one thing more I wanted to share. One of my favorite moments of the year. We were down in OBX for by the sea. I was in Michelle's guest room where I was staying for the week and Noelle came by and we were sitting on the bed talking and catching up because it had been ages since we had seen each other when Michelle bounded in full of happy energy.

Look, she said, beaming. We looked and saw nothing different about her radiant beauty. My hair, she hinted. We looked again-- still not sure. My hair looks really good right now, she said. It was just one of those crazy moments that I'm sure she's gonna beat me up for sharing because it could be so easily misinterpreted--- what was so fun about it was that in THAT moment, she liked how her hair looked. For us, she looked beautiful as always. But isn't that how some women can be? (Not you, of course-- I'm sure you would never swing wildly in whether or not you had confidence in how your hair looked).

But I HAD to share that whole back story or else you wouldn't understand when I said, hey-- look!


Ha ha ha.


Henry: Alrighty then, I think it's time for a little intervention.

Ollie: Yeah, lady-- we'll see who they end up putting on a leash cause you are making batshit insane look like Sunday meatloaf.

Henry: Ummm, meatloaf.

See you on the other side, kids!

Bisous, E


  1. Happy New Year and turning over a new leaf to you!


  2. Double neutered? *giggling* Poor Olie. No chicken skin here either. Jeff and I always go out to dinner, like senior citizens, at 5:30 on New Year's Eve, so we can get home by 7:30. The babysitter, alas, has a life. I read the paper from the past couple of days and slept on the couch until 11:30, then watched Dick Clark and felt even older.

    At least you watched a movie. And snuggled with your boys.

    Happy New Year Elizabeth! I can't wait to see what you do with 2011!

  3. I was just telling Mccabe last night that I want to bitch slap expectations! I think I will....Happy New Year my friend! See you soon...xoxo

  4. Happy New Year, you darling dear! And an extra hug for each of the butterscotch gang (and 2 for Ollie, please...double-neutered, indeed...hahahaha!!)

  5. Happy New Years, Gorgeous YOU! (hey, did you do something different with your hair?)

    Sending you much love this New Year's Day!


  6. YOU.

    I love you.

    Happy New Year.

  7. oh- we are supposed to have expecations. Love the dog speak- so what happens when you not only have a leash but it's a gentle leader.. triple nuetered? Maybe that why Cody ( my three year old eskie) looks so rejected when he has it on!
    love you and Happy New Day!

  8. Happy New Year to you and yours! Your hair looks great, I so know how that feels, for me it is usually right before I am heading out for a hair cut!


  9. I personally think New Years is highly overrated and the expectations attached to it are rather bleah. I prefer to look at it as just another regular day, but with the added bonus of it being a vacation day. That's enough for me - i'm just that easily contented I guess.

    And the hair? Lovely.

    - Jazz

  10. I am feeling so freakin down with the whole new years-everyone all chipper and excited, new leaves being turned over, revelations, words, colors...I got none of it and the thought of trying to get with the program is pissing me off. Sooooo thank you for making me laugh out loud with your fabulous humor and amazing dog pics, and the pic of your hair-oh I so see it love-you are always gorgeous but your hair looks so feverishly fabulous in this photo is making my night;)
    You rock my world. Thank you love. I adore you.

  11. so love you sweet sweet E - xoxox

  12. You GORGEOUS thing, you. I am so loving these pictures, what a way to start the new year. Mwah!

  13. your hair does look amazing...and yes, trying to release all expectations because for me 2011 has a lot to live up to. 2010 was amazing...and i have you to thank for so much of that. love, love, love you...

  14. love those dog conversations! and yes, your hair looks divine!

  15. All of your pups are so cute! But Henry? Henry seriously has the cutest face I have ever seen! Does he want to come visit me in SF for the weekend? :)

    p.s. love your updates! xo


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