Tuesday, December 7

white sky, brown fields


Hey look-- we got no snow! Was all that snuggling for naught?

I think not.

I happen to quite enjoy a long winter's nap, with or without snow.
(Full disclosure? I am really okay if I see no snow at all).


This little watering hole seems to have gone a bit yin yang with the whole ice capade.

I took all these shots earlier today-- we were supposed to be out on a walk but, damn-- it was cold. And then the wind!

Seriously windy-- you can see it in the background of the photo below, maybe. It was hard to get anything in focus.

And I thought, what the hell am I doing outside? It's cold. It's bleak.
Time for more fire, more color-- all of which can be found inside.


The spoiled and needy dogs were less than pleased with my decision, but-- oh well.


It appears that I am actually engaged in some rather creative play-- over the past few days I have gathered up quite an assortment of birch bark, wild grasses, gourds and what not and seem to be intent upon making "fairy meadow angels." At least, that is what they are looking like so far.

Mostly, it looks like a huge mess with a lot of glitter being tracked about.

I'll have to snap some pictures of that--

Bisous, E

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  1. I can't what they turn out to be..anything with glitter is good!

    Karen aka Deldino (squammie)


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