Sunday, January 2

colors of an evening


Although the days are officially now getting longer, evening falls before 5pm around here.

Tonight I slipped out with Daisy and Henry for a last stroll before dark. Above you can see I left a light on in my apartment (Thomas Kinkade, eat your heart out)-- not because I like to squander electricity, but because sometimes we really wander and we'll look up and whoops-- pitch dark.

Maybe next year Santa will bring me a flashlight?


But I love this time of day because there's this brief moment where the sky gets violet and what looked gray and bleak all afternoon suddenly pops with color. Well, okay, if you are reading this from your hammock on Guadeloupe-- maybe you will snort in derision at my "pop" of color. For those of us yankees sequestered in a panorama of grays, we'll take our color pops where we can get them.


Cause all too soon, the violet pulls away like a wave from the shore and we're left with a darkening sky and a scurry home.


Of course, one of the best pleasures is stepping inside to where it is warm, bright and cozy.

And look--guess who baked a mushroom quiche tonight. Gurl-FHREND!

Bisous, E


  1. Yum! And the knitting begins for the evening . . .

  2. I'm with you, love the winter light and color. Photos of the farm are beautiful. Dinner sounds yummy.

  3. I love that lush purple-y dusk color as well. And, I love that you get home to a cozy light filled room! It sounds perfect. xo

  4. Am loving all this posting you're doing. Please don't stop.


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