Monday, January 17

out the window


Saturday night I might have titled this post "everything was going along fine until I burned the beets," but that was two (looooong) days ago and today we are all about the blue skies and sunshine.

There was no walk for me yesterday and will likely be no walk today despite the sparkling weather (the dogs are with Dave-- thank heavens-- being royally spoiled with rawhide and whatnot-- so that I can focus here) so all photos I am sharing here were taken yesterday or today-- out the window. Hence the weird lighting and bits of screen or window reflection.


There are lots of things I could photograph inside the house, but it makes me realize that I am not nearly as interested in interior vingnettes as I am with the natural world.

I'm surprised by that, too.

I do love a beautiful home filled with sweet things-- hence the links up on the right to some wonderful online inspiration. And, I love this place where I am living so very much, but oddly, it doesn't inspire me to photograph it at all.

Instead, frozen water drippings. Hmmm, not sure what that says about me.


If I had to title the photo above it would be, longing.

I was sitting at my desk Saturday morning (this is a shot from me, sitting at my desk) with two sweet doggities hoping for a walk they were never gonna get (I ended up sending them over to Dave to spare me the guilt of their spoiled, needy faces) and it was spectacular outside-- simply spectacular. Glistening branches and glittering snow and all I wanted to do was grab my camera and go outside-- but there was no way. So maybe I would title it, regret.

Cause right now? I am thinking-- are you nuts? What could you possibly think was more important than going outside in that beautitude?


Yeah, well-- I processed 186 SAW registrations in three days and today am trying to get this office back in order and ready for the next wave in tomorrow's mail delivery.

Thank heavens for this being a holiday (a most holy day for a most blessed spirit) as I need the BREATHER, ooof.

But all is good in this corner of paradise-- oh wait, I forgot to tell you about how I burnt the beets . . damn. Let's just say, my one saucepan is no more. The evening and its sequence of events was truly a live theater homage to Lucille Ball .. but then, you could probably say that about me most days.


Call me, scattered. I would answer to that--

Bisous, E


  1. Such gorgeousness you've captured & shared here! I love,love,love when the tree branches are iced over... such a pretty sight. My kiddo and I are going out later to shoot icicles, there are many glistening off the side of houses in our neighborhood. Stay warm!! xo

  2. You've processed 186 registrations? I wouldn't call that scattered...

    - Jazz

  3. what gorgeous shots of the ice wonderland around you, I share your love of the natural world shots vs. interiors.. I am always taking tree, clouds,and sun shots.
    Hoping round 2 registrations go well, I have been seeing all the excited activity at the yahoo group.

  4. That last icicle reflection shot is pure magic!

    It looks to be another banner Squam workshop - good on you.

  5. The photos are loeverly.....just loverly. Well if that's not a word, today it is. alright, beauteous.....just beauteous. I yearn to take pictures like that out my windows.

    Sigh, I wish I could attend SAW but the workshops are held at the two times in the school year that I cannot get away; the end of the school year, way too much paperwork and student transition meetings, and the start of the school year. Oh well, maybe some day the timing will be right.

  6. Scattered is about the last thing I would have said (as Jazz noted). And those ICICLES. Holy moly, how beautiful! stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks WITH your mouth hanging open beautiful photos.

  7. y'all are so sweet-- thank you so much for being here with me!!!

    and playing thru life-- no worries-- someday there will be a SAW session with your name on it .. .

  8. 186 registrations- are you kidding me? You amaze me. I almost typed, "you complete me"...but thought that might a tad weird, yes?

    So, back to you... Scattered? No. Amazing? Yes.

  9. I have nothing to add, only to concur. I am in utter awe of those icicles. They are brilliant and amazing and oh, so beautiful. Hey! Just like you!


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e