Saturday, January 8

random and listing


I generally reserve my disdain for copycats until such time as, ahem, I myself partake of that cocktail of unoriginality.

You see, Wednesday Stephanie did one of her "random monday" lists which made me laugh and so I thought to do the same here this morning as my brain is definitely operating in fits and starts and it seems perhaps the best way to shake out the broken puzzle pieces.

Just don't expect it to be funny, or, you know, original.

1. Forrest came over yesterday and helped me make New Year's cards (because the pile of card-making goodies had been sitting on the table for sooooo long and I was afraid I would never get them done).

2. It took us six hours.

3. Two of us. Six hours. (and I haven't even written in messages inside each one yet!)

4. Next time I offer to make NYs cards for my wee blog readership, I might want to check my stats first and make sure there aren't hundreds of you. Or, you know, thousands.

5. Since Wednesday, I have consumed an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's American Dream and an entire tray of rice krispie treats.

6. Forrest did not help me with either of these activities.

7. I should feel guilty.

8. I don't. I don't even feel sick.

9. I have just completed my fourth cowl. I should be delighted. I made it for me, but I can't get it over my head because when I cast off, I finished it with a neck opening the size of my wrist.

10. I should be upset about this.

11. I'm not. I don't even care.

12. Maybe I will wear it on one arm as a giant cuff-- start a new trend.

13. Add Northern Ireland and Qatar to places people are travelling from to come to squam.

14. I should be really thrilled about this.

15. And I am, I think-- or nervous? Or, maybe that's just my stomach reacting to a steady diet of ice cream, butter and cooked marshmellows?

16. I need to order new pillows. Catalogs boasting white sales are sitting on my desk and it's a simple thing to order, right?

17. Five days have passed and I still have ordered no pillows. Help. What is wrong with me? Am I incapable of making a commitment to a pillow? Does this require professional intervention? Medication? Please advise. It just seems so hard. All I want is the perfect pillow and if it's not perfect, I will be upset.

18. Hmmm, mystery solved.

19. This morning I woke up and before I opened my eyes I thought there was a horse lying in bed next to me and it freaked me out.

20. But it was just Henry.

21. I was kind of hoping by listing things out I would figure out what was going on in my head or find the funny.

22. I'm wrong so much of the time, you'd think I'd be used to it by now.

23. I have an apartment booked for a week in NYC in Feb, tickets booked for a week in San Francisco in March and plans for a week in Paris in April.

24. Meantime, I haven't been to the grocery store in three days and all I brought home last time I was there was ice cream, marshmellows and gum.

25. I'm not sure I'm travel-ready.

26. And it may have been a mistake to polish off the second half of the rice krispies this morning before I had coffee.

27. #8 is coming into question.

28. I may, in fact, feel rather ill.

29. What was my word for 2011 again?

30. Oh, that's right-- beauty.

Bisous, E


  1. Love your random list. I might need to do one myself, because this is SO HOW I THINK.

    You made me giggle about thinking there was a horse in the bed with you! I had a wiggly snuggly little boy in my bed this morning. Not a horse. Definitely more talkative than a horse!

    Your rice krispy treats...I'm swooning just thinking about them!

  2. seriously, i could not love this list is so you and so funny. i was reading it with little v on my lap and i kept laughing loudly and he would startle and let out a cry...which made the whole thing even more funny.

    ummm...NYC, San Fran and Paris, are you kidding me? i'm super jealous, but you so deserve these adventures.

  3. Babe, gather your sugary-sweet self up and sit down to the computer. Open web page, order pillow. If it's not perfect, you can send it back or better yet... gift it to a friend.
    (i have mad organizationals skills...)
    I hope we're having a coffee date in the city? I don't want to wait until September to give you a big, smushy hug! xo

  4. Oh I heart you every time I read your words, but ESPECIALLY when there is random + humor involved. And rice krispie treats. SMOOCHES!

  5. Have I told you lately that I LOVE YOU?

  6. Love the random thoughts and you!

  7. digging the list and the random thoughts through your day.
    what wonderful trips you have coming up, NYC is right around the corner from me (well about 1/2 hour) and I hardly get there but when I do I love it... Have fun!


  8. Listy lists are the best, and I hope you're not sick. RKT are the best medicine!

  9. Also the stop-spam word I just had to type for that last comment was CHUTT which made me laugh because it rhymes with BUTT. No reason. :) Hee!

  10. I love your list. SIX hours? I hope they were six FUN hours. And not the "Are we done YET?" six hours, though I fear it was the latter. I could survive on ice cream and rice krispy treats. In fact, hmmm. Nevermind, gotta go!

  11. this. was. GENIUS. trust me, woman... you found the funny. or, at least, i found the funny in what you perceived as messy. also. what christina said. mwah!

  12. 3. 12 man(or woman)hours - this is the way I think now after working for years in the construction industry.

    17. I feel your pain. Within the next few months I have to make a whole apartment livable and I'm already having anxiety attacks over it. What if it's not perfect. Yeah, what if? So what (or so I say to myself, but don't actually believe it.)


  13. oooh I sure hope I get to see you in San Francisco while you're here!! love love love this list :) xoxo

  14. ha ha ha ha ah love you. love how you make me laugh. you rock my world! xoxoxo


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