Friday, January 21

silence will be heard


Ah yes. Much like the horse above, my running will continue to be in place and in circles
with snow on my back.


No Boston trip for me this weekend-- snow and more snow have me quite still.

And, I know-- POLLYANNA ALERT-- this will sound odd, but there's a certain relief mixed with the regret. I am feeling uber cozy this morning with all this extra bonus time to laze about and sink into yet more puttering and such.

I still have SO much to do here on the SAW reggie front and now, without a morning of jamming jammies into a bag and trying not to forget my toothbrush (which I ALWAYS forget) I am, instead-- loading more wood into the wood stove, enjoying a full hour of yoga in front of said wood stove (FYI-- got myself a CRUNCH yoga video for Christmas and man, I LOVE it-- love. Like it was made for me). Some meditation. And yes, likely a walk in the deep powder but it is coming down heavily as I type to you so I am not in any hurry to plow into it-- unlike some dogs I know.


So as my morning plans upended and I realized I could send you all a morning hello-- I thought, "damn-- but I don't have any photos."

Um yeah, no photos at all-- except you know, the ones I totally forgot taking the other morning (don't ask me which one) while I was in my ballet leggings, barefoot (<--!) in clogs, a cotton t-shirt, no jacket, no mittens, no hat-- a shawl on my shoulders and the temperatures were like, I don't know FLIPPING FREEZING.


Perhaps that is why I blocked them from memory? No-- simply a case of being forced from bed early due to the magnificence of the light outside and feeling compelled to grab my camera and shoot some pics before jumping back into bed and squealing "I. AM. INSANE" before falling back asleep and completely forgetting the experience until I downloaded these images ten minutes ago.



So thank you un-medicated me! All photos here today, courtesy of my commitment to living a wildly exuberant existence free of dogma and, you know-- rules.


I took the one above simply cause I love the texture of the snow that looks like ocean waves or sand-- but then as I opened it this morning I saw that teeny skinny plant stretching its arms up to the sky like an exclamation of "give it your best shot, big guy-- you're not gonna bury me!"


I, on the other hand, am most decidedly buried. Book and movie recommendations are welcome! (As are last minute deals to the Caribbean . .)


Bisous, E


  1. I love coming here with my morning chai and hearing and seeing your life across the way ~ mmmm...the pics of the snow/ocean/sand with little tree arm had me laughing!

    love to you sweet soul!

  2. Somehow, you make winter seem delightful. I'd seriously like to know how you do that!

    - Jazz

  3. Beautiful photos but seriously way too much snow for my liking! I mean really, that's a heck of a lot of snow!

  4. Oh. My. I am stunned. You weren't kidding about the light.

  5. Good thing you didn't come to Boston. There is so much snow (well, west of Boston anyway), that they don't even seem to be plowing it.

  6. Beautiful photos.

    E. you are my inspiration to continue to figure out how to get photos like out of my camera.

    Your photos make me yearn to move back to New England

  7. I am sorry your trip didn't happen, but I am like you... I would have had that sort of relief too. Like a "snow day" from school stretching out in front of me. I love the photos...they are so beautiful! Especially the one where you captured how the light makes the snow look blue, gorgeous!

  8. I do the same thing when I see something amazing that I want to photo.. I always have my point in shoot with me and I have been known to pull over suddenly onto the side of the road for a sky or tree shot!
    Love these..


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e