Tuesday, January 11

sun + ice = pink glitter (um, how does that work, exactly?)


So the word on the street is that big snow is coming in tomorrow, but the past two days have been super warm and sunny.  I'm hoping the storm doesn't cause too much havoc and chooses just to give us a wave as it passes on by, but you never know.


I took these photos yesterday and if some of them look like I had to climb into the middle of a frozen river to get them-- you would be right. 


This week is gonna be some kind of busy-- it may be that I am gone from here for a bit-- but then again, I may drag you through the whole thing . . you never know.


My goal is to stay calm and centered through it all-- we'll see how I do with that.


Mostly?  I hope to see the beauty of each moment-- that's really where my days are right now.  Moment to moment-- oh, I guess the technical term for that is living in the moment.  Doh.


All I know is I am loving it big time-- it's killah.


Bisous, E


  1. Those last three photos are amazing. And you can stay calm and centered. Just close your eyes and breathe.

    I'm a big believer in "breathe".

    - Jazz

  2. The shadow and light play is just fantastic in these photos.

  3. Oh my ever-loving gorgeousness! You are a MASTER at finding beauty.

  4. these photos are so lovely and serene. I want to live with you for just a few weeks, ok? :)


  5. me and Amy moving in... i'm small, just need a bit of space on the floor and some of that pink glitter in that fabu photo and i'll be happy as a clam for a good long time...schooch over...

  6. Your photos are unbelievably beautiful. And, for what it is worth, I really hope you drag us through your busy week. Make sure to NAP.

  7. really love the way the sun sparkles on the ice and snow.. sending you calm and centered Squam thoughts this first week of reg.


  8. All of these - so beautiful! But, Oh - those first and last photos? Wondrously amazing! Amazingly wondrous? Whichever. Both. Beautiful. Playing catch-up. Wish I'd caught up in time to sign up for one of your NY's cards, but missing out just seems to serve me right for being such a slacker and not reading every post properly till now. That'll teach me...
    Hope your year continues to be beauty-filled.
    p.s. LOVE the Loveland Street sign.

  9. your photos stop me dead in my tracks.


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e