Monday, January 3

that's not to say I don't love the day as much as you*


Perhaps you are done with my endless focus on sunshine, but oh kids, the SUN.

Above is a photo I took for two reasons. One, to give Thea a blast of red (smooches, honey). Two, because that is what I am gazing at as I sit in my chair in the morning and the SUN POURS in . . out to my left is the window and this view:


Crappy shot, I know-- but my point is not the photo but the subject (blue freaking sky and, um, SUN) and my apologies for the reflection of the sofa-- but that is another thing I want to share although I didn't take a photo of the full thing-- another day.

Terri sewed this cushion cover (oh and MADE the cushion in the first place) while I stood by and handed her pins-- never say I am anything but helpful! But she never saw it finished as Lauren and I sewed on all the buttons (well, technically Lauren sewed 12 of the buttons I sewed like, um, 5 . . but really, we did it together so who's counting, right?)


Oh, and all the unique mother of pearl buttons? From Terri's stash . . I know! I am the luckiest girl in the world.

So the real reason I came in here to write to you all is to say, remember how I had the BEST night of music ever? Well, of late I have been listening to the cd Write Me a Novel which was the playlist of the warm-up band and in particular, this song is KILLING me with its ability set my blood on fire. You may hate it-- of course, you weren't there that night to get infected with the passion of this band or their live performance that I can still see but I thought to share it anyway.

*And one of the lines in the lyrics is what I put in the title for this post.


Daisy: Please tell me you are done. I can't take any more.


Daisy: Oh dude-- are you licking the floor?


Daisy: Seriously, I know he's weird, but I think it's time for some professional help.

Bisous, E


  1. Love love love the first photo ... I left it there for a while to look at it. Loved it that much.

    Now the music is playing and we're enjoying it muchly, thank you.

  2. Daisy, he's better off licking the floor than his butt. But that's just my opinion.

    - Jazz

  3. Oh, what lovely yarn you have... I am having a "missing knitting" kind of week. I know if I start anything, it will just get left because my semester begins MONDAY. Have I written a syllabus? Ah. NO. Do I have a plan at all. Again, no. So no knitting. NO. No. Thanks for sharing your sunshine, we had NONE today, and I needed that!

  4. you my darling are fabulous...cannot express what a gift you are to me. The pic- oh it tells me sooo much. Thank you love. I wore my red gloves today and bought myself a red ring on etsy:)
    And a real big thanks for making me laugh again. Oh my goodness. I need a book of your Doggie pics. I can't wait to show Trey tomorrow. xoxoxo

  5. LOVE the pop of Red, that was one of Susannah Conway composition tips, shoot the red! I love the pups thoughts on life through your posts.

  6. We're dogsitting this week, a total maniac. Karin was up VERY early to let the dog, named Mental (seriously, how funny is that??), out to pee. Good times! Giveyour doggities an extra smooch for me.

  7. Bought 'Write me a Novel'.
    Thank you for that too!!
    Downloading as I type and I wanted to say 'thank you!'


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e