Tuesday, January 4

thirteen ways of looking at a house*


Once there was a house with a green door and pale blue paint inside the window trim like eyeliner.

Someone chose this setting, built this house.

A hole was dug, a foundation poured.

Was there a great cheer the day the sill was nailed into place-- the excitement of a whole new life just beginning or, perhaps just a grunt and the rubbing of tired, calloused hands?


Paint the face white, redden the sides, but bring that green around the trim-- like garland, like holly.


A center chimney will keep us warm and cozy, won't it?

No bitter wind will put out the fire in our snug, little house, will it?


But ohh, they say.

The windows are the soul of a house.


You don't really believe that, do you?

P1210215 - Version 2

Maybe once upon a time, a dog lived here. Or two.

Bisous, E

*Sorry Wallace, I did it to you again.


  1. What a beautiful house...I love the colors. Yes I believe windows are the soul of a house.......I just wrote a blog post about my obsession for windows.

  2. That house has so much character... Is it near where you live? I love the colors and I love your story too.

  3. I love this house. Imagine moving in, revamping it and bringing it back to life...

    - Jazz

  4. What? You didn't go up and peek in the windows and take photos of the inside? Not that I would have done that. Except I totally would have done that!

  5. Thank you for that lovely little story. Your words always refresh me.

  6. i am so full of gratitude that i found your new blog. your words and posts are inspirational and full of heart. so so happy :)


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