Wednesday, January 19

wherein I lie


Oh that's right . . . didn't I say I am never inspired to take indoor shots?

Yeah well-- I am nothing if not a giant contradiction to myself. Last night the woodstove was burning so brightly (not that you can see any flames) and it was so cozy I reached for the camera-- and then, when I could not succeed in capturing the image I wanted-- I wandered the apartment in search of a better shot.

Alas. The apartment was not in a giving mood.

Perhaps it was bored with me. Perhaps it wanted me to give it some space as I had not left it in oh, maybe two days? Three?

Who knows-- in fact, I'm not sure I know what day it is today-- snowy, snowy, snowy and I seem to be emerging from the blitz that was 2011 SAW registration.

200+ reggies in 6 days.

((Ouch, did you feel that? That was my anterior deltoid crying for an injection of morphine, stat. You see, last October at by the sea I injured that small upper arm muscle in a yoga class and it has NEVER healed since, grrrr-- really freaking annoying. I have a very low tolerance for physical injuries and even less for chronic injury. We are all about the preventative, deep healing modality here at MVcentral and this lingering injury is peeving me as only first-world problems can)).

Et voila, the corporate headquarters in all its gleaming, modern, technology driven splendor.


Tomorrow I head down to Boston for a long weekend-- woot.

Time to fill my brain with something other than snow, I'm thinking.


Surely there's a beantown bartender with a cocktail that's perfect for sore anterior deltoids, don't you think?

Bisous, E


  1. great photo's elizabeth! safe travels to boston and have LOT'S of fun!
    love, hugs and smiles~ jill

  2. scamp (aka Shirley)January 20, 2011 at 4:18 AM

    So if you're traveling to Boston today, you'll beat the snow prediction...but you'll still get snow, right?
    I'm due to fly out tomorrow for NYC through Baltimore...think I'll make it?
    Have a wonderful time in Boston--I am holding the picture of you lifting a glass with NO pain!

  3. Enjoy Beantown! (and that bartender ; )

  4. Is that one of your paintings on the corporate headquarters wall?

    - Jazz

  5. Such a beauuuuuutiful space! Perfect for birthing something as fabulous as Squam. Soooo sad I'm not going to be there this year but excited for all my cabinmates to see each other again.

  6. re: painting--- in my dreams .. that is a FLORA BOWLEY

  7. Drive carefully..enjoy b- town! Love the pics and have you triec acupuncture?

  8. enjoy your time in Boston.. love the interior peak!


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