Sunday, February 20

the end of winter


Yes, last night was bitter cold and the wind howled.

Yes, this morning's walk still required snowshoes to navigate the knee-deep snow.

Yet, I am here to tell you-- I feel the end of winter. I feel it.


Two really good connections last night. One was in a thai restaurant with a friend I hadn't seen in months with lots of catching up and (as usual) lots of creative projects percolating. The other was on the phone with a friend I had just seen in New York who wanted to do some manifesting with me.

I was so honored and bonus?--> working with Bella got my own wheels turning on setting some intentions for myself. It's so odd how we can joyfully and easily support one another and still have trouble taking our own advice.

For example, I was sharing with Bella how the key is to stay open and remove obstacles to what we want. And in the NEXT breath-- as I tell her how much I need an administrative assistant and she begins exploring the possibilities with me-- I shoot down each one with a series of

"oh that won't work cause . . ."
"oh that won't happen cause . . ."

Insert-- all the excuses cum OBSTACLES I put in the way!!

So, ahem.

Inspired by Bella, I sat down this morning and sent out the following to our local message board:

Job posting – admin assistant

Seeking experienced administrative assistant with strong secretarial skills for part-time position in (town name) office.

If you are interested and are:
An excellent typist
Fluent in Microsoft Office Suite, particularly Excel
Computer savvy
Detail oriented and highly organized
send letter of inquiry to (my email)

So-- if you would like to hold this intention for me-- that a wonderful assistant manifests easily and quickly-- I would be so grateful.

Basically, I want a clone of Forrest-- he is the BEST help ever, but is off wasting his time getting a college degree instead of spending the prime of his life sequestered in a remote office far away from civilization and frat parties-- but you know, whatever. I'm sure he has his reasons for choosing college over me.

Oh and hey-- did you all see Bea's write up of her recent trip to Ireland? Honestly, that woman is pure inspiration.

Oh Spring, you can't fool me. I know you are hovering and just about to swoop in to give us the first great big, soft & wet hug of the season and cover me in your muddy earth goodness.

I can hardly wait.


Bisous, E


  1. I'm on a new mission. Stay on alert for blocks and learn how to sidestep them, leave them eating my *yes i can* dust. I will hold onto that one for you, my friend - anytime you need it, I'll be here for you. I'm feeling great today. So ready for Spring.

  2. That first photo- simply screams spring with the pink hue of the light oh love. Thanks for these words. I am sending lots of ju ju for the assistant and actually may use your post as a launching pad for my own:)

  3. Nothing screams spring quite like tulips! I'm sure you'll be in with a new assistant very soon.

  4. Damn I wish I lived in N.H. and I wish I was "An excellent typist
    Fluent in Microsoft Office Suite, particularly Excel" but I have non of those talents. But I am amazing at praying for spring! So i will do that.

  5. LOVE the fox! I would love to hear more about manifesting and how it works, could use some manifesting magic in my life.
    Maybe we can chat on email or such?
    Karen D

  6. I'll take the job. I'm a whiz at Excel and the rest of that Office junk.

    - Jazz

  7. As you feel the spring, I have been shoveling. A lot. We had 50 degree days last week, and yesterday it turned right back to winter. It is still snowing, and as of last night during the 9:00 news we had 13 inches, but it snowed all night... so I have no idea how much. My husband is attempting to get to work in the unplowed street. He is still visible and I think stuck.

    I will keep the intention for your assistant, hope it happens as quickly and easily as your Providence residence!


  8. MAN! Can I work from HOME???

    Also, please send some spring our way. Am very tired of sub-zero temps.

  9. I would SO be your admin assistant if I lived there. Wow, I actually have skillz - apart from Excel, but surely that's a breeze, right?


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e