Sunday, February 13

last night, I danced


Morning. We sprawl across the red leather sofa, talking, drinking coffee, eating bagels, more coffee, more talking.

Some of us are hung over. Some of us may not have gotten in until 3am. Some of us may never get up off the red leather sofa.


All this writing has just confused me.

I think some of us need a nap.


Bisous, E


  1. so glad you ladies are having fun. wish I knew you were in the city, I am so close to there. Would have loved to see your smile. Soak it all in. xoxox

  2. I long to be on that red leather sofa with the bagels and the talking. I might just listen though. Soak in the brilliance. And the nap? I say YES.

  3. boogie down:)
    it's all there is!

  4. sounds like some of those on the beach. wink.
    so happy that you all got to hang in the big city.


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