Friday, February 18

a missing list, snow, and a kiss

sunrise this morning

I'm thinking a list might be just the thing to start the day.

(Okay, I have to share with you I had just had a whole little make fun of myself-- and not in a nice way-- thought process that I typed out to share with you about my list making skills but had to backspace over it because it just didn't stick!!! People, I am making serious progress).

Um, let's try this again-- a list.

First up-- there's gonna be a whole announcement and giveaway about the art book, but that happens on Monday, so please check back in then.

Other things going on this side of the moon-- it is nearly impossible right now to get the dogs exercised. Seriously, the snow is impenetrable even with snowshoes and we can only walk the road so far . . it's frustrating for the dogs cause they have mucho octane to burn and it's frustrating for me because they can only lie around on the floor so many hundreds of hours before they are agitated and wanting a walk.

But hey-- there is sunshine coming on again this morning so let the ice melt, please please please, and thank you.


Add in another dog-- yes, Oliver the Terror will be joining us for ten days while Dave suns his birthday suit (today is his birthday, fyi) down on the sunny shores of Florida. Due to past issues with Ollie at the farm, I am likely going to be doing a schlep back and forth between here and Soliden over the week-- so, disruption city-- but hey, guess who watched Daisy and Henry while I was gone gallivanting, lo these past 10 days?

P1220220 - Version 2

Trying to find balance between all the projects I have going on is the key. I recently purchased this piece of collage art and have it on the wall so I can see it when I meditate. It has imprinted on my mind and I love it so.

For me, the grounding comes when I let go of everything and give myself permission to do absolutely nothing. That is my zero point. And, you might think-- doh, that's pretty easy to do, but you would be surprised how often I have to stop and catch myself and remind myself to let go, do nothing-- and that that's enough.

On the exciting side, however-- those writing projects I mentioned to you awhile back actually have some waiting arms and that makes a HUGE difference for me. Huge. And, I actually have some scheduled art play dates on the calendar, too-- so, little by little-- I inch my way along stopping to DO NOTHING every three steps or so.

This is how Rome was built, yes?


Speaking of baby snail steps, I am still fumbling between the two cameras. They are so different in view and function--- switching between them feels like putting on bi-focals that aren't the right prescription and then taking them off. Awkward, blurry--- it's gonna take me some time to get a handle on using both. And it will be nice when I can actually walk into the woods again.

Oh go on and stop exaggerating about the snow-- I hear you. How much snow is a lot?


Well, remember my favorite sweet spot under the apple tree? (You can see it here if you scroll all the way down). Yeah, this is how it looks today, ahem.


Was I writing a list? Did I lose track of that? Looks like I did. Oh hell, let's wrap it up, shall we?

For your viewing pleasure, here's a very rare sighting. Henry is quite circumspect in his affection and tends to respond to his little sister's exuberance with a "pesky pesky leave me alone" flick of his tail. But yesterday? I caught him giving her a kiss.


Bisous, E


  1. Hello Yeah, that's alot of snow! Love the puppy smooches.
    Have a great weekend, may is be filled with sunshine to melt the snow.

  2. Can't. Wait. Until. Monday. I am so excited for you! I want to sit and do nothing too. So I will. Soon. Promise. And how sweet is that kiss? Sigh...

  3. Everyone seems to be wanting to leave go of things and just BE lately. Seems like a good plan to me, if one I doubt I'd be able to do. Man, that's a lot of snow!

  4. henry your sweet.


  5. Love the smooches...sending you some xoxoxox


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