Saturday, February 26

my life is perfect because it's not


First up-- I couldn't find my little munchkin neighbors (perhaps they are out snowboarding?) so when I was in town today, I asked my hair stylist to choose a number between 1 and 36. She chose 19.

So I came home, opened up the comments, counted down and voila: *michelle is our winner!

I have mixed feelings about this as Michelle happens to be my sister (really!  we come from the same solar system) so it feels like nepotism. And, because I had a painting of Michelle's for awhile that I really love (I was babysitting it) and eventually it had to be returned to its rightful owner, so I miss it still and so, I feel like if she's going to have one of mine-- she should send me one of hers, right? Also? I'm really happy-- cause I know she loves me so it is in safe hands. Also? I'm sorry I don't have one to send to each of you because you are all so lovely and caring and kind.

Giveaways are hard.

Anyway-- in other news . . . wait for it, more SNOW!


Some of us are more enthused about this development than others, ahem.


I really wish winter wasn't making me feel old,
fat and ugly, but it is.

It just is.


Winter-- even beautiful, sunny blue sky winters just get me down. I need to live in a beach town somewhere-- not a tourist town-- but a genuine beach town where it is beach all year round just to see what that would be like. I think I would like my experiment to run for oh, let's say 3 - 5 years, m'kay?

Can you imagine? Light clothing-- heaviest thing in your closet is a cotton sweater-- bare feet, skin to the sky-- legs, belly, arms, back-- oh the freedom.

Sigh. I'm sure it would have its drawbacks-- but, still, I'd like to find out for myself what they are. So maybe, I should manifest this? Because kids-- right after we manifested my wonderful apartment in Providence (thank you again)-- we landed an administrative assistant who starts day after tomorrow!! (thanks to you, powerful manifester, you). Not only is she an experienced admin who lives 15 minutes from here, but she has a background in event management, is familiar with RDC and has a passion for ballroom dancing!

So yeah-- I'm thinking this manifesting stuff is good mojo. What should we put on the list next?

Spring? Do I hear any takers for Spring?


xoxox, E


  1. Keep manifesting ... and then your life really will be perfect.

    Oh wait ... but that's not the perfect you wanted. Sheesh.

  2. Hilarious dogs. I adore them. I want to roll around in the snow with them they are so cute.
    But yes, I am sick of winter too. Although it seems like you have more sunshine. That is what *really* gets me down, the lack of sunshine, ugh.
    I did the book drawing (over at my blog) and it went to someone I didn't even know, yippee, my last drawing (like yours) was someone I knew.
    Anyhoo, thanks so much E, I appreciate it :)

  3. :) Beautiful pics ~ and wowzzza, awesome news on the admin. assist. front!!! Lazy beach town definitely should be the next thing. Lazy New England or Lazy French Riviera? xxoo

  4. Elizabeth,
    I feel your pain about winter. On Friday I went to a garden store and spent two hours for some much needed color therapy. It's one of those garden stores that is very large, has sweet chickadees flying around, and fountains throughout. I wish I had my camera with me, my visit was so spirit lifting. Hang in there winter IS almost over.

  5. I am so with you on manifesting SPRING, count me in.

    At least the pups are having fun, at least someone is happy ;-)

    Same story here Bella pup loves winter, me not so much..


  6. I'm a taker for spring, too. Though I know we still have to wait least here in Sweden. Even with all the extra sun we've had this winter (which is AMAZING for Sweden), I am still very ready for winter to be over. Just have to get through another month or two...

  7. AAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!! oh my god i'm so excited! and i PROMISE to send you your very own painting to keep soon! xoxo

  8. Yes this manifesting is good stuff! As for just need to come here my friend. It is blooming down here in the south! xoxo

  9. you guys are sisters??!!! ;) for some crazy, silly reason this thrills me -- i say yes because it is perfect!

  10. may i recommend the '5 years on a Caribbean island' plan? i realize 5 years sounds like a huge chunk of time, but trust me, it would fly by. i assure you, you'd never grow tired of the color of the sea:

  11. Hi Elizabeth. I live in a tiny little beach town. You are right about how lovely it is. Come visit.


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e