Thursday, February 3

new moon, new year

Oh-- fresh start, how I do love the morning-- most especially after a day of thick snowstorm when the clouds are gone, the sky is blue and the deep, deep powder sparkles in a thick fat hush around us.

Speaking of thick and fat--- boof, my body is ready for a mid-winter detox.  For the past few weeks, I have been craving carbs (pasta, butter, sugar, bread) and indulging that craving and the result is a very uncomfortable state of being.


Last night I worked with the magic of the new moon and Imbolc to shift some of those heavy energies.  I lit all the candles I had around the house-- there were eleven-- and did a few small rituals to release all that no longer needs to stay as we move into a new month, new season-- new year (Chinese!) which is all about the rabbit.  Lucky me, am a rabbit.

It felt great and this morning I woke up and experienced that wonderful clear vibration that can follow a big storm (both the weather and the emotional kind).

Much of the momentum of the shift came from yesterday afternoon.  My neighbors came over with hot chocolate (made from REAL, skimmed off the top of fresh milk, cream) whipped cream, peppermint sticks and marshmellows . . I made popcorn-- 

and we all hung out in the studio and played (well, the dogs just napped).


I think the hot cocoa with fresh whipped cream was just what I needed to send me straight into a week of carb detox-- a perfect send-off, in fact.

The best part for me is that up until 1:45pm yesterday-- the studio had been completely taken over with SAW office/registration stuff--- and knowing Sarah and the kids were coming over got me to (finally!!) dig in and return everything to its proper place in the SAW office and restore some semblance of balance to my life-- so this morning, when I woke up and walked through the blessedly empty studio-- a wide-open, white space of possibility-- I felt, ahhhhhh.

A new day.  New moon.  New year.

How much do I love beginnings?

Bisous, E


  1. You need more candles! What a lovely evening :)

  2. You inspire me. And I agree with Liz, a lovely evening, in flickering light!

  3. What a lovely experience! Thank you for sharing it here. xo

  4. i'm a rabbit too ;) also. i am dying to come play with you in that gorgeous studio of yours. xo


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