Wednesday, February 9

odd rambles ahead

photo by Jeanine Caron

My dear friends, the simple truth is although I am mid-route on 10 days of travel away from the farm with stops in Philadelphia, New York and Providence-- there will likely be no photo journaling here as I did not bring my camera with me.

And? I kind of suck at blogging when traveling. I tend to get so overwhelmed at all that I am experiencing and can't shift into blogger/observer mode.

So I share the photo and link above to Jeanine's site as if you are looking for fabulous travels and stories and photos-- she is the go-to girl.

Meantime, since we last gazed up at icy tree leaves together-- I have arrived chez famille in the city of brotherly love (and can we just say I am SO lucky to have two fabulous brothers who have been positively amazing to me? One has been shuttling me to and from the hospital to visit our dad-- plus being my all around chauffeur for emergency trips to Staples when I have to send urgent faxes up to Providence to seal the deal for an apartment rental*. The other made a fabulous dinner for us all in celebration of my impending birthday and then spent two hours fixing my email server which was a much bigger deal** than it sounds and is there any greater sigh of relief for a non-techie who lives by the grace of technology when things she doesn't understand and can't possibly fix herself get fixed? Sure, there are all kinds of big sighs of relief in this world-- but ohhh, that one? Such a good one.).

Part of my overwhelm is staying at my sister's whose life is so full and so busy from morning til night that I just sit there thinking, how does she do it? How do women do it? The full time job (she had a big presentation yesterday, to boot), the kids ready for school, ready for bed, back and forth to sports, to girl scouts, having house guests, dinner parties mid-week-- I feel like a snail that has been set down in the middle of a busy city street, my antennae all aquiver.

My life in the wilds of New Hampshire is truly worlds apart from this one. The pace, the scenery, the daily activities and rhythms-- who needs to travel to the moon when you can just step into suburban American life?

The purpose for my visit, as you know, is to be with my dad. And I would tell you all about that, but it is so steeped in family and emotion that before you know it, I would be writing a Russian novel and you'd be getting ready for summer vacation while I hadn't even finished chapter one.

The haiku version instead is: 
a terrible fall and long recovery
good spirits and great suport
holding hands (his bruised purple and black)
reminiscing about trips to Paris
discussions of Vermeer and forgeries
the question of art and authenticity
comfort in the spoken (and shared) belief
that we are spirit having "elizabeth" and "papa"
experiences in these temporary physical beings

Yeah-- it gets philosophical with my kin.  What can I say?  It's how we roll.

Had a lovely lunch with my mom and chauffeur yesterday and am headed over to her house (next door) to have another visit before my driver takes me to the train.

Gonna sink into my second cup of coffee now and savor the moments with my niece and nephews last night and this morning.  They are beyond adorable.  Cutting the cake last night, the piece was rather too thick and I say to Julian (7), "oh whoops, is that too big?" and his eyes are like saucers and he breathes out without a moment's hesitation, "oh no, it's purrrrrrfect."

Bisous, E

*YES!!! I think I have an apartment lined up for JUNE in Providence-- very exciting and more on that coming soon.

**My brother could not have done it without late-night calls to Dave who was SUCH a huge help and is such a mensch I can't even tell you.  I have thought about doing a whole blog post to tell you about our post-marriage relationship and how extraordinary it is, but until I do-- let me just say for the record that Dave is one of the kindest, most helpful, most caring men I've ever met.


  1. Congratulations on the apartment and best wishes to you dad for a speedy recovery.

    - Jazz

  2. Sounds like a lovely trip so far, and of course it will continue to be wonderful for the rest of the trip. Can't wait to hear more about it.

    Regarding the post-divorce relationship, I'm so so SO happy to hear that it's extraordinary. Having one of those myself, I know they can be complicated, but it's such a gift when they can be good. I'm happy for you. and for Dave.



  3. Lovely people attract love, you know. Glad to hear your dad is recovering and whether or not you post photos makes no difference to me, as long as you post, so it's all good.

    As for your sister and women and how we do it...we just do. Someone's got to, I guess :) Thank goodness we have all kinds of people around us to give us balance and perspective :)

  4. wishing your Dad a gentle and easy recovery. sending good wishes that your Providence rental will go as planned. enjoy your family time and blessings for a beautiful birthday. xo

  5. I hope you are having a wonderful trip. For today have a fabulous amazing day.....Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Well, yes, happy birthday! Glad to hear you are waxing philosophic with your peeps, and that you'll have a new roof over your head to take photos of in June. :)


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