Tuesday, February 1

prayers on the wing

Swan In Flight 2
photo by Bob Muller

This morning my dad took a terrible fall on the ice.  He broke his shoulder and took quite bang on the head. The good news is my sister lives next door and both of my brothers live 10 minutes down the road and my sister-in-law is an ER doctor-- so he has been well tended to and is resting comfortably in the hospital.

Apparently well enough to flirt with all the nurses, ahem.

There has never been much love lost between my dad and the ice and snow of New England-- he was born in Rio de Janeiro so an open window wafting a tropical breeze is pretty much how he likes it.  (Private note to Papa: dude, next time you might think twice before falling in love with a Boston girl, I'm just saying . .)

Anyway-- here in the tundra of New Hampshire, we have a hella storm bearing down on us so I will no doubt lose internet and be homebound for the day tomorrow, I expect.

Monday, I am gonna head down to Philly to monitor my dad's flirtatious behavior and hang with the fam before heading up to the wilds of Manhattan where I am hooking up with a couple few hot chicas for some birthday celebrating (+ birthday queen Tracey Duncan whose blog addy I am blanking on in this moment-- oh well, she'll forgive me).

I'm sure I'll be back in here before all of that-- but if I'm not-- you know where I be.

Bisous, E


  1. I hope your dad is ok...i will be thinking about you and sending all kinds of good juju. can't wait to see you next weekend! xo

  2. Sending prayers your dad's way...scary. Have a lovely visit with him. Hope the nurses enjoy his visit in the hospital :)

  3. This has been one hell of a nasty winter :(
    Sending healing thoughts your dad's way. I'm not looking forward to going out this morning and de-icing my car... Stay warm. xxoo

  4. Your poor daddy! Definitely hoping he's well and unbroken soon enough. And you know, flirting with the nurses is not a bad thing - gotta keep things interesting!

    oh! give Tracey and Miss Tingle a very specific hug from SAM. You guys are going to have SO MUCH fun! NYC...get ready to be rocked!

  5. healing thoughts to your Dad. Good luck weathering the storm. It's been a terrible winter so far!

    Have so much fun with those girls. I'm certainly jealous!

  6. OH thoughts and warm wishes for your Papa! Glad he had family so close to help him when he needed them. I'm glad the ice and snow are getting it out of their system this week. Asking for sunshine and freakishly warm weather so we can celebrate in style next weekend. CANNOT WAIT! xoxoxoxo

  7. Speedy recovery to your Dad, at least he has the flirting to keep him occupied ;-)
    Have fun in NY!


  8. That nasty ice - hope all will eventually be well with your "fam."

    And then, have fun in the Big Apple!

  9. Aj aj aj, your poor dad! Although I suppose flirting with the nurses is making up for it. Have a great time jaunting about with your fam and pals, sweetness!


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