Thursday, February 17

this gazelle* is not even touching the ground

 me nyc 2011
photo credit Jamie Ewald

In this moment, my life feels full to the brim.

I am home, at my desk, with sunshine pouring in. (Is it just me, or is this place where I live always sunny?) Yesterday was spent sorting and processing the mail & packages from 10 days away--- delivered to me from our kindly postmistress with a heave-ho onto the counter in one of those plastic mail bins stuffed to overflowing.

Holy hella.

I have yet to unpack or to run laundry, but I am slowly settling back in for a week or two until I am off again.

The big news is that Monday I took a train from Penn Station down to Providence (where I got to see Christine and snuggle the baby!) and check out my APARTMENT and sign the lease.

Have I already said, holy hella?! Gonna have to find another exclamation, I guess.

Holy hella.

You guys, my niece Kate is the champion manifester of manifesters and I had her help me write up my "dream" apartment in Providence and yes, I admit, I was skeptical-- but that's why I enlisted her help-- SHE held the vision for me and damn if every. single. detail. on that list didn't manifest PLUS extra bennies like, three houses away from the Chitnis, a park directly across from the house for two spoiled and needy dogs who might want to take a pee first thing in the morning or last thing at night. A park where the birds sit in the trees calling out, lucky dee-dee, lucky dee-dee. I know, right?

Sure, Christine might find that a little too close for comfort and start calling me Mrs. Kravitz . . pffft, like I care. I am going to be NEIGHBORS with a true, dear friend-- I think this is the first time in my life I have had such an arrangement and I am thrilling to the universe that has done me so right.

I have no pictures for you-- I don't move in til June, but I can tell you it is a victorian with built-ins, and hardwood floors, and crown molding, high ceilings-- and I can walk everywhere.

Oh big sigh of happiness and relief.

Now, I can sink in and savor each of my days here at this beautiful farm because I don't have to worry about where I am going next. Peace of mind, baby.

Oh! And-- big news in a post coming soon about my art in a book that is just published!!

Like I said, full to the brim with goodness and light and am I ever filled with GRATITUDE.

Bisous, E

*P.S. running with gazelles


  1. It is amazing that when we ask the Universe, we actually receive what we're looking for. I love how that works! Can't wait to see your new place in Providence because I will come visit! xoxo

  2. I'm coming to visit too! Maybe with Melissa.

    Can Kate come and write my "new man" list for me? :)

    so glad things are going well for you, E. you deserve it!

  3. Amy-- she can TOTALLy do that I will hook you two up by email-- I am not kidding-- she's got the gift. xoxo, E

  4. Don't be so willing to lend out her services. There's at least one more gal that would like to enlist them for the next man thing. :)

    Congrats on every little thing!

  5. So happy for you, truly, deeply happy. With all that you have been processing this last year what a gift to spend time with loved ones and get recharged.. Wishing you love and happiness..


  6. O! That universe! She loves you, she does :)

  7. My favorite part of all of this is, "Now, I can sink in and savor each of my days here at this beautiful farm because I don't have to worry about where I am going next."
    A beautiful perspective.
    A beautiful peace.
    I'm so, so happy for you!

  8. So, so happy for you, my dazzling E! OF COURSE the perfect apartment is waiting for you...and I love how excited you are over it. It sounds beautiful - I love 'old house' apartments. And a neighbor you LOVE, even better!

    Speaking of the universe being so on top of things, I think She/He has sent us a really great house. We just love it and can SEE ourselves in it. So cross your fingers, will you? You know how long I have waited...

  9. This post made me so happy. The whole thing, smile on my face, contentment in my heart, happy. I am so, so very happy for you. The apartment by a dear friend, and by the park...perfect. I can't wait to hear more about THE ART IN THE BOOK! Congratulations on that, and on living your life the way life should be lived. I will definitely be sending my wishes out into the universe as well.

    Now, if you don't mind, I would like to comment on a comment! To Sam: MY fingers are crossed!! I can't wait to hear all about it! Write a post, will ya?

    Sending you both big huge smooches...xo

  10. what a beautiful group of women rocking NYC!!! I hear you might be out in SF soon? Please let me know...would love to see you :)


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