Friday, February 25

yes, but no-- almost, soon!


1. Yes, there will be a drawing as promised.

2. But, we got dumped with 14+ inches of snow today which tends to take plans I'd made and toss them high onto the roof where they join the avalanche that is in mid-slide and tumble down with a thundering rumble to land in a mountain deep heap of snow never to be seen again until, hmm-- maybe June?

3. No, the drawing won't happen this afternoon as I need my two little helpers to make it all objective and official-like-- and they are off on some kind of snowy day adventure.

4. Almost dark here or I'd take some pictures now that the snow has stopped.

5. Back soon-- tomorrow, maybe?

Bisous, E


  1. Daisy looks very zen in that photo. :D

  2. So, you received our misplaced snowstorm. Thanks for taking one for the team. Daisy at any rate seems to be enjoying the snow.


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